Paver driveways

Create driveway envy - Install brick pavers

Learn All About Paver Driveways

Struggling with a cracked and old concrete driveway? Installing a BRICK PAVER DRIVEWAY will enhance your homes curb appeal and eliminate all those unsightly cracks! With their versatile design styles and color options, brick pavers are perfect for your home exterior renovation, especially your driveway!

Cost To Install A Brick Paver Driveway

Surprisingly, many of our homeowners are intrigued to learn installing a paver driveway is just as affordable as poured concrete. Depending on your location and paver selection, the average cost of a paver driveway installation will range from $12-16 a sq.ft!


Paver Driveway Materials options

American Paving Design has the ability to help design your new driveway using a variety of manufacturers, paver sizes, colors and textures! Learn more, by heading over to our Material page!

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