It is very important that you research any contractors who might install your paver driveway. By asking the right questions, you’ll be able to ensure you’re getting a higher quality paving contractor who is well suited for your project. Some questions to think about while you are selecting a paving contractor are:

  • What areas do you have experience in when installing a paver driveway?
  • What is included in installing my paver driveway?
  • Are there any photographs of paver driveways that you have recently completed?
  • Would my project present any challenges?
  • Which type of material is best used for my paving driveway job?
  • What elements do I need to consider when using pavers for my driveway?
  • What would be the estimated cost for installing a paver driveway?
  • May I speak with prior customers that have hired you for paver driveways?

When a prospective client contacts American Paving Design, we schedule a meeting with the client and our design consultant to discuss the project. After the consultation is complete the consultant will design a 3-D replica of the project. This 3-D rendering can help customers visualize the final image before breaking ground.  With the click of a mouse, this technology allows us the flexibility to change the style, shape, and pattern of your design.


After Your Paver Design Consultation

After accepting the drawing and contract, the client will chose paver styles and colors to accent the new space. American Paving Design works with the area’s leading manufacturers and distributors to provide clients with the largest selection of the highest quality materials. Our sales team will bring a large selection of paver samples and colors to each on-site design consultation. Having the paver samples available on-site helps to streamline the selection process by allowing clients to compare the various colors and patterns to their specific project area.

Project Management

Once the client has selected the design, color, and pattern, American Paving Design will check with your local property association to make sure the project fits within your neighborhood guidelines. For paver driveway installations, homeowners associations usually require a drawing for your plot plan, a paver color sample and the pattern the driveway will be laid in. They might also require an application and compliance fee.  American Paving Design will assist with all of these documents and requirements. Scheduling is completed within the office and American Paving Design will coordinate all the permits and paperwork for your plantation or development.

We will make this process as simple and easy as possible to get you your new space installed as quickly as we can!