Advantages of Outdoor Fire Pits

  • Use your outdoor living area year-round.  With the mild winters of the Lowcountry, you can use your outdoor living space virtually year-round if you install an outdoor fire pit.  The heat from the fire pit will take the bite out of a crisp fall night or a colder winter evening.  Build your fire high, and you might find yourself shedding your extra sweater.
  • Enjoy a backyard fire safely.  The walls of your fire pit will contain the fire and prevent sparks from jumping out onto you or your guests.  You don’t have to worry about it getting out of control and burning up your yard, and you won’t have the unsightly burn area of a bonfire on your lawn when you’re finished.
  • Skip the work of building a fire.  If you don’t won’t to mess with building a wood fire, you can run a permanent gas line to your fire pit.  Then, starting a fire is a snap, and you can control the height of the fire with a knob.
  • Cook over open flames.  Remember how much fun it was to cook on an open campfire when you were a kid?  You can recreate the experience over your outdoor fire pit.  And not only will cooking be fun, but it will be flavorful because it has been cooked over a real fire.  Also, if the fire pit is large, you can use it to cook for many people at a time.

To learn more about building an outdoor fire pit in your backyard, make an appointment with one of our design professionals.  We will come to your home, walk you through the options, and create the perfect plan based on your needs and wants.  The process is simple, no pressure, and totally free.