Installing Driveway Pavers

Utility Marking

Before the start of your driveway installation, American Paving Design will contact your local utility companies and have them mark the underground utilities on your property. The marking companies will flag all your major utilities to make sure our work doesn’t disturb your underground lines.

Concrete Removal

When removing your concrete driveway, we will locate and mark all the sprinkler heads along your concrete driveway, and we will test your irrigation system before we start digging. American Paving Design crews will use a Bobcat machine to remove your old, cracked concrete driveway. The machine will break up the concrete driveway, and we will load all the pieces of concrete into a large truck. The truck will deliver the concrete pieces to a recycle center, where your concrete driveway will be recycled into many different types of material.

Excavate Dirt

Once the driveway is removed, American Paving Design crews will remove 4 to 5 inches of dirt, to establish the pitch and the grade. We will load the dirt into a large truck and haul it off.  Then we will check the irrigation system again to make sure nothing has been hit or damaged, and we will make any necessary repairs.  This would be a good time for you to add extra sleeving for future pipes, lines, or wires that you may desire for your irrigation system.

Install the Paver Base

To install the paver base, we will fill the area with gravel, rake the gravel smooth, and then tamp it down using a plate compactor.  We will moisten the gravel to help with compacting. We will specifically select a paver base to suit the soil conditions on your property.

The paver base installation is one of the most important steps in your paver driveway project.  Before you begin any paver driveway project, be sure to ask your contractor about the base installation process. Your BRICK PAVER DRIVEWAY WILL FAIL if the paver base is only a few inches deep or not compacted correctly. Sand should not be used as the base. Sand should only be used as the bedding layer for the pavers.  The pavers will fail if they only have sand under them. No matter who you choose to install your paver driveway,  ensure this step is done correctly. Contractors can make more profit on your project by skimping on this step.

Add Sand Bedding Layer

After the paver base has been installed, American Paving Design crews will lay a 2-inch layer of sand over the area.  We will use screed poles and screed rakes to get the sand ready to lay the pavers.  This process is called “screeding.” After this step, the sand shouldn’t be walked on.

Lay Driveway Pavers

Once the bedding layer is installed, our installers will find a 90 degree corner, usually the garage, and begin laying the pavers from there, in the pattern you have chosen. To help keep the pattern straight, we will run long string lines on the outside of the pavers.

Project Completion

As soon as the pavers are completely installed, they are ready for immediate use. Our team will remove debris from the work area, perform a final sweep of the project and use a blower to eliminate loose dirt.