Our Top Three Recommendations for Large Format Paver Driveways

Our Top Three Recommendations for Large Format Paver Driveways

How do you pick the stone that will best accent your driveway? Making a choice can feel overwhelming! Look no further—we're here to simplify your decision with our helpful top three recommendations. 

Learn how to upgrade your Patio area with Brick Pavers and Edgers


Renovating your pool deck area can be an exhausting task! But with the expertise of American Paving Design, we can make any additions or alterations to your backyard area, quickly and professionally. 


PAVER CHALLENGE: For this paver project in Bluffton, the client wanted a design that would allow for us to put brick pavers around her entire existing pool deck area. 

OUR CUSTOM DESIGN: Our design team created an area that included: the addition of steps, edging and pavers to the surrounding, existing pool deck.  

This client, wanted to use a paver material that would compliment her home.  So, we used a large format brick paver from Tremron, called Mega Olde Towne.  This paver creates a dynamic presence and helped the client accentuate her already large pool deck area.  On the edging on the patio area, we used a Sierra edger that aligned with her flower beds that highlighted her beautiful floral expression.  

American Paving Design prides itself on trying to convey the clients wants and the design eye of the Sales Representative.   If you want to have your pool deck area upgraded, contact us today!

Keep scrolling to see before and after images of this paver driveway project or click here to for even more paver inspiration!



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Design your Driveway Installation using Large Format Brick Pavers

This Hilton Head client was tired of expensive patches for her concrete driveway that didn't match or last. 

When this Hilton Head client called American Paving Design she was interested in how we could transform her concrete driveway to a paver driveway. Originally, she had a concrete driveway was that was cracked in many places.  When she had it repaired in the past the patches didn't match and were very expensive. She also lives very close to the marsh in Sea Pines and often water would rush up her driveway on king tides.

How did we help solve the cracked concrete driveway?

As a result of the king tides and water issues, our paver team knew that proper pitch, drainage and permeability were very important to her. The client didn't want the new paver driveway tolook busy so we decided to install a large format brick paver in a random pattern to give the client the relaxed look she was looking for.  Our paver design team agreed to change some of the old elevations of the concrete driveway to help with the possible future water issues.

New Paver Driveway

In the end American Paving Design solved two major driveway issues for this client. She now has a paver driveway that is extremely easy to repair and allows for proper drainage to eliminate the standing water problem she once had.

Keep scrolling to see before and after images of this paver driveway project or click here to for even more paver inspiration!



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This Paver Driveway Details:

  • Paver Used: Tremron Pavers
  • Paver Size: 3pc- Mega Olde Towne
  • Paver Color: Sierra
  • Paver Project Location: Sea Pines, Hilton Head Island


Using Brick Pavers to Design and Remodel your Pool Deck space

Transform a Pool Area with a Stunning Paver Pool Deck.

Located in the prestigious Long Cove area of Hilton Head, American Paving Design recently completed an upgraded pool renovation on this home. 


Typically with pool remodel projects, we install remodel coping throughout the entire pool deck edge. We also upgraded thin paver overlay on their current surface, using Tremron, Sand Dune, 1” brick pavers.  The 1” brick pavers worked perfectly for overlaying existing areas - suitable for this type of application. 

This client wanted American Paving Design to solve their issue of their unflattering and cracking prior pool deck, move and haul away old outdoor kitchen and accessories, and replace all gas and electrical connections. 

From our years of experience we have learned that it is very important when doing a pool deck remodel to focus on the correct pool edge coping, paver size and transitional areas.  Pool deck remodels and renovations are perfect for the homeowner who does not want to rip out their current pool deck surface, but also wants to create and highlight a new and improved area, including solving drainage issues and smoothing out uneven surfaces.   


Using Brick Pavers Prevented the Need to Remove The Old Pool Deck.

The client called out company interested in a pool deck renovation.  His major fear with this project was the current pool deck had to be removed in order to complete the finished look he desired.  When our team met with the client we explained the option he had of leaving is current pool deck in place and overlay the surface with 1” Brick paver or commonly called thin pavers. We told the client in order for this pool remodel to be successful we needed to make a smooth transition from the pool deck edge to the new elevation of the 1’ brick pavers. The product that does this job is called remodel coping. Remodel coping is a L shaped material made out of the same material the thin pavers are, that is design to sit on top of the tile and on top of the pool deck. This product serves two purposes.  One is to hide the face of the old deck above the tile and the other is to raise the to meet the 1” Brick pavers. When remodel coping and thin pavers are installed correctly on pool deck you won’t be able to tell that the old pool deck surface is under the new pool deck. When we explained the install process he was concerned with leaving the old material under the deck and asked what happened if the under deck cracked in the future. We eased the customers concerns with explaining how the old surface is covered with a thin layer of sand and not adhered to the old decking surface. So essentially this new 1” brick paver is floating on top of the new deck.  If the deck were to crack, which typically does not happen, we could easily remove a small section of thin pavers, repair the under decking, and install the pavers back very easily. 


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This Paver Pool Deck Details:

  • Paver: Tremron Old Towne 30mm

  • Field:  3-piece

  • Color: Sand Dune

  • Pattern: Random

  • Paver Project Location: Long Cove, Hilton Head Island


Benefits to Upgrading your Concrete Driveway to Brick Pavers

Do you want to have your old concrete driveway upgraded to a new paver driveway?

If you are tired of your old, cracked concrete driveway perhaps it is time to think about American Paving Design installing a new beautiful brick paver driveway! With the durability, easy maintenance and beautiful allure of a new paver driveway, we can easily upgrade your existing driveway in a week!

Why should YOU consider a paver driveway?

With a comparable cost to concrete and low upkeep, American Paving Design specializes in transforming your driveway quickly and efficiently.  Take a look at this Bluffton, South Carolina client! Within one week, we were able to take out the existing, old concrete, design the new walkway and driveway and install the Tremron pavers. Using the Sierra, 3pc paver, Tremron’s top color and size, this homeowner now has a even, beautiful Driveway that is the talk of the street!

This client wanted the ability to have a smooth surface without the hazards of uneven edges that often come from concrete driveways.  Let American Paving Design come out measure and design your next paver driveway project. No need to install bland concrete, when you can install brick pavers!

Keep scrolling to see before and after images of this paver driveway project or click here to for even more paver inspiration!



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This Paver Driveway Details:

  • Paver Used: Tremron Pavers
  • Paver Size: 3pc
  • Paver Color: Sierra
  • Paver Project Location: Bluffton, SC


Why should you add pavers to your home? Look below!

We are often asked why homeowners should think about adding pavers to their home and here's what we say:

Pavers offer:  Longevity. Durability. Aesthetics

With the ever growing strength and easy maintenance that pavers deliver, it is no wonder why people are choosing pavers over concrete. With a variety of styles, colors and sizes, pavers offer a look of beauty that concrete never can! Don't settle for boring concrete - call us and we can help you discover the creativity pavers can add to your home!

So, check out a few of our recent paver projects below or click here to for even more paver inspiration!


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Bluffton Winter Weather & Our Pavers

Paver Projects in the Snow!

We loved our LowCountry Winter Wonderland weather this past week. Take a look at one of our paver projects covered in snow! 

If you have a paver project picture from the past week please share by commenting below!

Now is the time to remodel your pool deck!

Winter Pool Deck Remodeling

It may be a lot cooler outside but now that Fall is almost officially over you may be surprised to know that this is a great time to REMODEL your pool deck area. Here are a few reasons why it's a great time to create your backyard resort!. 

1. A winter pool remodel may minimize the amount of time you lose enjoying your backyard oasis!

Even if you have an outdoor spa, you probably are using your outdoor pool deck area much less during the winter. So, while you construction overhaul is in full effect, you won't be able to use it. However, if you aren't in it anyway it's the ideal time to take it out of commission for a outdoor face lift!

2. A winter make-over means your updated pool deck will be ready in time for spring!

It may seem obvious but if you want to be able to enjoy your new pool deck when warm weather hits now is the perfect time to get your project going. 

3. A winter project minimizes impact on your backyard landscaping - AND in the end will make it look even better!

While minor updates will disturb landscaping, jobs that include crews and machinery may impact surrounding greenery. That's where American Paving Design's expertise comes into play! Our crews are highly trained and can work seamlessly to ensure that your landscaping remains in tact throughout your pool deck renovations. 

With these benefits in mind, plan ahead. While other pool owners are focused on holiday shopping, book a contractor to start your pool overhaul. Whether you choose natural stone or pavers, you can beat the spring-time pool remodel rush, get a jump start on swim season, and maximize your family’s days of sun-splashed, backyard fun!

Call us Today. 843-706-7283.

Need more ideas?

Garden Retaining Wall with a Twist | Savannah GA


A Garden Retaining Wall with a Twist

Here is a beautiful outdoor living project we did for a homeowner in Savannah, GA.  It includes a twist on the idea of a garden retaining wall, for one of its retaining walls is the garden.  It has flower beds built right into it.   Another wall creates a nice space for a flower bed next to the home, and a final one serves as a patio border and offers seating for a large fire pit.

Paver Stones Used

For the paver patio, we used Mega Olde Towne pavers from Tremron to give this project a dramatic, European look.  Tremron’s Stonegate wall and cap blocks compliment the Mega Olde Towne pavers with their classic, aged appearance.  As you can see from the slideshow below, the paving stones used in this project come together for an old Savannah feel ideal for an upscale waterfront home.

3-D Landscape Design Tool

The slideshow photos also allow you to see American Paving Design’s 3-D design tool in action.  With this tool, we created a digital design for our clients so that they could see exactly where the project elements would fit on their property and how everything would look.  If you have some ideas about what you might like to do with your backyard but aren’t sure exactly how your ideas would actually work in the space you have, our free 3-D landscape design is the solution for you!

Don’t Wait!  Beat the Spring Rush Now!

As the weather warms up, Lowcountry homeowners start thinking about their outdoor spaces again.  If you have some good ideas that you have been meaning to get around to, now is the time to act.  Call us today to set up a totally free, no obligation consultation.  This way, you can get on our schedule before the Spring rush really heats up.  We would love to help you make your outdoor living dreams a reality.

Backyard Makeover Using Our 3-D Tool


A homeowner in Sea Pines Plantation on Hilton Head Island wanted to spice up her large, flat backyard.  Like many homeowners, she knew how she wanted to use her space, but she wasn’t sure what was possible.  This situation is a perfect example of how our 3-D design software helps clients realize exactly what they want in a backyard makeover and then achieve it.

Our 3-D Design Process

To create the 3-D landscape design, we met with the homeowner to understand her desires.  Then, we took pictures of the space, and we used the pictures to create a digital design.  The digital design allowed her understand what we were capable of building.  Also, she could see exactly where we would build, and how much space the project would occupy in her yard.

The Backyard Makeover Result

The result was a sleek paver pathway leading from the home to a small paver patio and a fire pit.  A short retaining wall created dimension for the end.

We used Old Savannah Grey pavers from Jenkins Brick, located in Hardeeville, SC.  The Old Savannah Grey style is popular in the Lowcountry because it copies the bricks that were used in much of the construction that occurred in Savannah in the 1800s.  The bricks give this paver project a classic, weathered look perfect for homes in this region.

Get Your FREE Backyard Design

Do you have ideas for your backyard, but you aren’t sure how they will work out?  Make an appointment with American Paving Design for a totally free, no obligation consultation.  Just like we did for this Hilton Head Island homeowner, we will create a digital 3-D drawing of exactly what your paver project will look like – BEFORE you make any commitments.  With our 3-D design tool, we will help you realize the backyard of your dreams.


A Retaining Wall for Your Home


Reasons for a Retaining Wall

Considering a retaining wall for your Lowcountry home?  People build retaining walls for for one or more of three reasons.

  • Preventing erosion – Runoff from rain can wear away a sloped yard. A retaining wall can create a buffer to hold soil and plants in place.
  • Leveling a slope – Some yards are too sloped for gardens, patios, playsets, and other uses. Soil built up behind a retaining wall makes a sloped area flat.
  • Adding beauty – Retaining walls can add beauty to any yard, even a flat one, by sectioning parts of the property for specific purposes. For example, you might want to enclose a garden or a patio with a retaining wall to add dimension to your yard.

Pavers Are the Perfect Material

Regardless of the reason for the wall, pavers are the perfect material.  Pavers are strong and durable, so a paver retaining wall correctly built can withstand the pressure of soil and the wear and tear from the elements.  In fact, many retaining walls built by the ancient Romans still stand today.

Not only are paving retaining walls sound, but they are also beautiful.  Pavers come in a variety of shapes and colors to accent your yard and your individual taste.  Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, you will have many choices available.  Paired with a paver walkway or patio, a paver retaining wall can create the perfect outdoor living space.  Check out our Idea Gallery for examples!

Trust American Paving Design

You don’t want to trust just anyone with a project that affects the structural integrity of your yard.  No one does pavers better than American Paving Design.  We can walk you through the process of building your paver retaining wall and help you find the paving stones that will work best.  Call us today to schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation, and receive a free 3-D drawing of what your paver project will look like. We build retaining walls for Hilton Head, Bluffton, and Savannah homes.


Why a Paver Driveway Should Be This Year’s Resolution


Are you still living with a cracked or concrete asphalt driveway?  Resolve to improve your home’s curb appeal this year!  Say goodbye to your damaged driveway, and replace it with a gorgeous paver driveway.

Paver Driveway Benefits

A paver driveway is the perfect New Year’s home improvement resolution because of its advantages over a concrete or asphalt driveway.

  • Durability - A paver driveway is stronger than a concrete or asphalt driveway because the different pieces of a paver driveway can move with pressure, ground changes, or varying temperatures. The flexibility of the paver units make cracks in your driveway less likely.
  • Maintenance - When your concrete or asphalt driveway cracks, you have to either patch it (which can be unsightly and obvious) or replace the whole driveway. If you get a crack in one of your pavers, you can simply remove the cracked paver and replace it.  In addition, sealing your paver driveway will make it stain resistant and easy to clean.
  • Versatility - Paver come in a variety of patterns, colors, and styles to complement your house’s appearance and to showcase your personal taste. Whether your like old world classic or sleek and modern, the perfect paver driveway look is waiting for you.
  • Curb Appeal - The first impression people have of your home is what they see when they pull up to your driveway, and a paver driveway will give your home some serious curb appeal. Look at the pictures of the paver driveways in this slideshow, and check out our Idea Gallery.  Need we say more?

It’s Time for a Transformation

There’s no better time to transform your driveway than now.  Not only can you start the year checking something off your list, but you will beat the spring rush for outdoor living projects!  Contact us to schedule a no-obligation, totally FREE consultation with American Paving Design today and receive a 3-D drawing of what your home will look like with your new paver driveway.  You will be amazed at how easy we make the process.  We design and build paver driveways in Charleston, Bluffton, Savannah, Hilton Head, and surrounding areas.


Backyard Remodel in Wexford, SC


The slideshow below shows a backyard remodel that American Paving Design did for a homeowner in Wexford, SC.  The first two pictures show what the area looked like before we started clearing the land.  Then, the 3D drawings show how we helped the homeowners plan the work.  After each 3D drawing, a photo displays the final result.  As you can see, we completely transformed this backyard into an inviting space that will be perfect for entertaining family and friends.  

When American Paving Design does a backyard remodel, we do more than simply design and build a paver patio.  This renovation includes an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, specialty lighting, and a retaining wall.  When you hire American Paving Design to transform your backyard space, you benefit from our experience helping more than three thousand Lowcountry homeowners with paver projects.

All the pavers used in this project are Sierra colored pavers from Tremron.  The larger pavers are made in Tremron’s Olde Towne style, which is perfect for small patios. Combined with Stonegate cap and Stonegate 6” tumbled wall blocks, the pavers achieve an old European feel.  For accents and edging, we used a 2 3/8 brick in Sierra.

Like what you see?  Call us now to set up an appointment to learn more about what we can do with your outdoor living space.  Or check out our Idea Gallery for more inspiration!  We look forward to helping you transform your backyard into the space of your dreams.

Paver Driveway in Hilton Head Island, SC


A cracked concrete driveway can mar the appearance of a beautiful home. That was the case for this home in Wexford Plantation on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. American Paving Design lifted the old concrete and replaced it with a new paver driveway. For the middle of the driveway, we used tumbled Roma pavers in the color of Sand Dune from Tremron. The Roma style is a three-piece stone with an antique finish. Homeowners in the Lowcountry love it because it gives the feel of colonial streets in Charleston. For a more weathered look, these pavers were tumbled. The result is new pavers that look as if they have been in place for centuries.

For the driveway border, we used a 4x8 paver in Gold Coast. The pavers in the border were not tumbled, so their smoothness emphasizes the wear and tear of the main pavers.

If you like the look of this driveway, check out our Idea Gallery to see more of what we can do. American Paving Design is the Lowcountry’s paver driveway expert. We service Hilton Head, Bluffton, Savannah, and surrounding areas.

Paver Driveway Hilton Head Island SC
Paver Driveway Hilton Head Island SC

A Paver Patio for Your SC Lowcountry Home


In the Lowcountry of South Carolina, we enjoy warm weather.  Temperatures rarely fall below freezing, so residents can spend time outdoors pretty much any time of the year.  However, if you don’t have an inviting outdoor space, you are probably spending a lot of time indoors.  Wouldn’t you like a beautiful patio for entertaining family and friends?  If so, consider a paver patio.

Paver Patio Advantages

Paver patios offer advantages over concrete poured patios:

  • Durable – They do not crack or split over time.
  • Easy to Repair – If a paver in your patio breaks, you can easily replace just that paver instead of having to reinstall the entire patio or live with unsightly damage.
  • Safe – They come in slip resistant finishes so that you don’t have to worry so much about guests falling, especially if the ground is wet.
  • Beautiful – They can be created in a variety of designs and colors, allowing you to showcase your unique taste as well as complement the look and feel of your home.

Paver Manufacturers

If you have researched paver patios online, you know the options are endless.  To narrow your focus, check out the sites of these popular paver manufacturers:

  • Tremron – Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, Tremron is the largest manufacturer and supplier of paving products in our region. Its Old Towne is a popular style among our customers seeking a classic, European look.  The larger Mega Olde Towne  is perfect for large or dramatic paving projects.
  • Lowcountry Pavers – Located in Hardeeville, SC, Lowcountry Pavers is one of the main paver manufacturers for the Lowcountry. American Paving Design is a Lowcountry Paver Certified Installer, and no one in Hilton Head, Bluffton, or Savannah knows Lowcountry Paver products better than we do.  Check out the 2 Piece Lowcountry Cobble for small projects and the 3-Piece Lowcountry Cobble for large residential driveways and commercial projects.  Both styles present a traditional cobble look.
  • The Paver Company – The Paver Company is a concrete paver manufacturing company based out of Tifton, Georgia.
  • Pavestone – Pavestone has been manufacturing pavers since 1980. It has 20 regional manufacturing locations and serves 40 states.

Your Paver Patio Expert

How do you know which paver material, style, and design is right for you?  American Paving Design can create the perfect paver patio to match your space.  First, we will meet with you to understand your desires and how you plan to use your patio.  Then, we will design it according to your taste, goals, and budget.  Finally, we will install it for you.  Before you know it, you will be sitting on your paver patio with your loved ones, and the only question will be whom to invite over next.  Check out our Idea Gallery, and start envisioning what your paver patio can look like.

American Paving Design has served the Lowcounty of South Carolina for over eight years, and we have created outdoor living spaces for more than three thousand homeowners.  We service Hilton Head, Bluffton, Savannah, and surrounding areas.  Trust us with your patio paver project, and you won’t be disappointed.  We guarantee it.

Paver Maintenance & Sealing Your Pavers


Your beautiful paver project has now been installed and you are ready to start using it! There is just one more question- How do we clean and keep these pavers looking new and refreshed? Many people choose to have brick pavers installed because they are easy to clean, they do not crack, and they are very appealing to the eye. But are they that simple to maintain? The answer is YES!

The easiest way to surface clean your pavers, on a weekly or daily basis is with soap and water. You should use a liquid based cleaning soap, mixed with water.  We recommend using a thick bristled brush, to help scrub the surface free of debris and stains. After thoroughly cleaning your pavers, wash off the surface with water, until all the soap and muck has been cleared.

If you are looking for a more intense deep clean of your paver area, you are more than welcome to power wash your pavers. Power washing helps to eliminate the deeper stains. When power washing your pavers, make sure that any sand that is sprayed out of the joints, is replaced, to help keep the pavers from shifting or moving.

After your pavers have been cleaned, you should consider having them sealed. Sealing your pavers should take place, annually, if not every other year. Sealing is a great protective barrier for the pavers, helps to protect the pavers from weather elements, while enhancing the color. Year after year, sun and daily use can fade the colors of your pavers. When having your pavers, sealed and power washed, you are effectively helping to maintain their integrity and look.  Sealing can also help with keeping moss and mildew off and out from in-between paver joints.  With its many benefits, sealing is an effective and efficient way to protect your investment.

You have spent lots of time, and money to install your hardscape project. Make sure that you are taking the proper precautions to help maintain your paver area!

Need more assistance? Feel free to contact American Paving Design about how to seal and maintenance your paver area, today!

Prepare for the Ultimate Paver Project!


Spring will be here before you know it. Prepare now for the ultimate Paver project!

Now is the time to start organizing and planning for your outdoor space. With Spring around the corner, let American Paving Design give you tips and ideas on how to spruce up your old concrete pad or grassy area with an enhanced and durable paver patio.

Pavers and Natural stone are known for their durability and eye catching colors and patterns. Why not install a paver project in your home today?  Check our top 3 tips for creating that dream space.

  1. Pick the Paver or Stone best suited for your home and project area

Are you looking for a natural stone that is uniquely beautiful?  Why not install Travertine? Travertine is a natural stone, made from Limestone deposits. It is naturally cool to the touch and wonderful for Patios and Pool deck areas.   Travertine stone comes in a multitude of variations and sizes, based off of a tan and cream colored pallet. This would add natural elegance to any backyard space.

 (Check out these Travertine installed projects)

Not interested in stone? No problem! American Paving Design offers a wide variety of pavers that come in all difference sizes and color variations. Installing inter-locking pavers is ideal for all outdoor- environments.  Brick pavers are virtually maintenance-free, and deliver a spectacular polished look after installation.

 (check out these Paver patios’ installed)

  1. Border or No Border

If you are trying to really create a unique paver patio space, adding paver borders and retaining walls to your area is key. Paver borders really bring out the shape of the area and defines the area.  You can use accent colors, such as the trim on your house or maybe a color your intending on using with your outdoor furniture.  If you are not wanting a large contrast between your paver patio and your border, you can use two very close, natural looking colors.

  1. It’s all about accessories: Pots and Planters

Want to add additional character to your paver patio design? Adding colorful planters to your patio can create an oasis feel, without over stimulating the space. Most of the time we can physically build planters out of the brick paver material we are using to build your patio.  Adding built-in planters gives vertical depth to the brick paver patio and really defines the space. Another benefit to adding planters to your design is it will help soften the hardscape space. This simple trick will help create a harmonious design. You do not need to have a large space to make it functional. When thinking about how to make a small space appear larger, think about adding vertical height to your brick paver patio.