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Outdoor Fireplace Installation Hilton Head

A great way to enhance your outdoor living area is with an outdoor fireplace. The outdoor fireplace is a great focal piece that you can build your patio area around. An outdoor fireplace can be built a few different ways, and below is a list of different construction methods used in building outdoor fireplaces.

Masonry Block Built Outdoor Fireplace

This is the most popular method in building outdoor fireplaces. There are several steps to building a masonry block outdoor fireplace place. First step is to pour a concrete footer for the base of the fireplace. American Paving Design usually pours a 6" concrete footer with steel rebar reinforcement. The second step would be to start building the main fireplace structure from concrete block. In this step the outdoor fireplace will really start to take shape. In this step we spread mortar onto the foundation and begin laying cement blocks on it. We are making making sure that each row of blocks is level. Building the chimney is the third step in the process. construct a chimney for wood-burning fireplaces. The chimney must be built to exact specifications to ensure proper draw of the smoke from the firebox. It must have a smoke shelf to reduce down draft and a flue of optimum dimensions. The forth step is to install the firebox. We mortar clay firebricks in place and later fill with grout. We use fire-retardant grout in this step to protect against the night heat. The last step for our outdoor wood-burning place is to face the exterior with stone, stone veneer, or stucco.

Prebuilt Outdoor Fireplaces

This option is becoming more popular. This units come already Prebuilt. There is still assembly required. The foundation still needs to be poured for these units.

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