How to Prepare For a Hardscape Installation Project: Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Hardscape Installation and Design has become extremely popular over the past couple of years. Learn our Top 3 Tips, on Creating an Outdoor Living space in your backyard!

This Paver Patio Design is perfect for your backyard. Equipped with Seating Walls, a Fire Pit and custom paver steps - you can enjoy this Outdoor Living space all year around!

This Paver Patio Design is perfect for your backyard. Equipped with Seating Walls, a Fire Pit and custom paver steps - you can enjoy this Outdoor Living space all year around!

Paver Patio Installation

Even though pavers have been in existence for years, they are gradually becoming the popular choice for Hardscape designs. This is primarily due to no other thing but the recent drift towards outdoor living.  Installing pavers on your patio can upgrade your homes aesthetic appearance without costing you a fortune.  It creates an outdoor environment where people can utilize their landscapes all year round – how cool is that! Hardscape options are available throughout the market in all different colors, sizes and shapes.  This gives everyone the ability to design something special for their home.

Like a famous quote that says; “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. Before you start your paver installation, it is important you properly prepare to achieve the best results. With that said, outlined below are the basic steps to preparing for your NEW paver patio installation.

Step 1: Choose your Paver Patio’s Location

The first step is to choose where your paver patio will be located. Outdoor Living is designed to make it easy to entertain and relax, within your OWN yard.  Choosing the location of your paver patio, should be functional to your yards;  grade, spacial awareness and homes entrances. When deciding how big or how small you want your new living space to be, consider using a Contractor that will help you with 3D renderings and designs. This technology will really help you get a visual feel for the actual space and functionality your patio will have.   

Step 2: Choosing your brick paver materials

Now that you know where you want to have your patio installed, it’s time to choose the best brick that will accent your homes natural beauty.  Are you looking for a traditional paver look, then maybe you should consider using a 3pc paver. Or, are you looking for a more modern outdoor living space? Check out Travertine – perfect for large patios and pool decks.  Each manufacturer your contractor works with, will have an abundance of natural stone and pavers that can work in any style or size yard.  Choosing the material for your Outdoor Living area should be exciting, and most of all, it should compliment your family’s style and homes appeal.

Step 3: Choosing the right Paver Patio Contractor

We’ve all been burned by contractors who have said they can install everything under the sun. But, when you are renovating your backyard, take time to find a contractor who specializes in Hardscape Installation and Design. Investing in a hardscape project can be costly, so make sure you take the proper precautions do to it correctly the first time.  Insured, Bonded and Experience can make all the difference when you are dealing with your home!   

Getting excited about installing a new Outdoor Living space can come with all sorts of emotions.  But when you work with a specialized contractor, pick the perfect material and design your space to fit your family and home, nothing could be better! 

 Need more ideas, take a look at American Paving Design’s photos below. As a Hardscape Contractor, we can help design and install your new Outdoor Living space!   


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