Polysand: What is Polysand and Why Do You Need it When Installing Pavers | Bluffton, SC

What is Polysand? What are the benefits of polysand? should i be using polysand with my paver project?

many of our clients ask about the necessity of using polysand on their paver or travertine installations. learn all about polysand and how it helps maintain the integrity of your paver project!

  1. what is polysand?

    Polysand is finely graded sand combined with a polymer binding component. Once wet, Polysand will expand and harden within the paver joints. creating a tougher joint STABILIZER. Perfect for: Paver Driveways, Paver Pool Decks & Paver Patios!

  2. Benefits of Polysand

    The #1 use for Polysand when installing pavers is to prevent your pavers from shifting during daily use. Stronger than average sand, Polysand allows your pavers to maintain stability and remain flexible, no matter the paver project location (i.e., Driveway, Pool Deck or Patio) . Along with minimizing movement, Polysand is also used to combat weeds and insects - so your pavers can continue to look aesthetically pleasing!

  3. Should I use Polysand when installing pavers?

    There is no evidence that you MUST use Polysand when installing pavers. But we, at American Paving Design, believe that maintaining the integrity of your pavers should be the priority. Choosing to install Polysand , will help your paver project remain durable, appealing and functional.

  4. How is Polysand installed(applied)? How does it Dry?

    Once your pavers have been laid - Polysand will be spread across the top of the pavers - and swept in using a large, hard bristle broom. The goal is to make sure that sand is swept completely into all existing paver joints - not to exceed the top of the paver ( *1/8 inch below the chamfered edge or the recommended height by the individual manufacturer) . Once in, a compactor will be used to make sure the joints are filled and there are no open gaps. ( If there are, remaining sand will be swept in, and the compactor will be used again ) Once compacting is finished, any excess sand will be removed from the pavers ( via a blower or broom ).

    Lastly, using a spray nozzle, shower the paver area. * This is the key step, to activating the binding aspect of the Polysand. Once water is applied, you will blow off any excess water from the pavers - to avoid sand hardening anywhere besides the joint. * Please do not sweep excess Polysand over damp pavers! Once the area is cleaned - allow for the pavers to set - and stay off of the newly installed pavers, for atleast 12-24 hours!



Driveways. Pool Decks & Patios

Installing Polysand  on Pool Decks & Patio’s Bluffton, SC

Installing Polysand on Pool Decks & Patio’s Bluffton, SC

Grey Polysand  on Paver Walkways - Hilton Head Island, SC

Grey Polysand on Paver Walkways - Hilton Head Island, SC