Paver Driveway and Paver Walkway Bluffton, SC: Before and After

This Bluffton, SC, homeowner hired American Paving Design replace his home's existing concrete driveway and walkway with paving stones from Lowcountry Pavers. As you can see from the before and after pictures in the video, the new paver driveway and walkway offer a more natural look that complement the home's landscaping. On a street full of concrete driveways, this paver driveway is sure to stand out and impress. Not only will this homeowner enjoy the aesthetic value of having a driveway made of pavers, but he will also enjoy the longevity of pavers over time. When the ground beneath the driveway shifts, concrete driveways crack and split. Paving stones, on the other hand, paving stones are extremely flexible. Installed correctly, their interlocking system allows them to move with shifting and pressure, which prevents cracking. In addition, most manufacturers back up their paving stone products with a lifetime guarantee against breaking and cracking, so if a paver should ever fail, you will be covered.

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