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Choosing thin pavers is a great option: Is your existing concrete patio or pool deck in good shape? Do you want to upgrade that ugly, concrete with brick pavers? consider using thin pavers on you'r existing concrete patio slab or pool deck. Here’s why:

Thin Brick Paver Overlay Patio Pictures

Benefits of Thin Pavers

Thin pavers have a multitude of benefits! Offered in many of the same colors as their full size partners, these cost effective bricks, are perfect for upgrading existing areas. Choosing thin pavers allows you to endure little excavation while benefiting from the NEW results of a Hardscape, paver project! Installed on top of existing concrete, these 1” pavers are laid quicker; using sand and appropriate edging ( if needed ). Allowing the use of thin pavers, will result in numerous pattern options, allowing versatility throughout your project!

Are Thin Pavers Durable

Choosing a thin paver for your patio, pool deck or walkway can be a great choice! But many of our clients are, concerned with the durability. Don’t be! Although these pavers are not AS thick as their counterparts, (60mm brick pavers) these 30mm, thin pavers are extremely durable. Although they are not recommended for driveways, thin pavers can withstand much of the use and weather of a normal brick paver - which makes them perfect choices for Hardscape designs and installations!

How to Lay Thin Pavers

Laying thin pavers over existing concrete is simple. Examine your area and make sure your concrete is in good condition and level (you want to prevent any future puddling or slope issues). Read the instructions carefully to mix the mortar accordingly, then apply an amount at the back of each each thin paver. As you proceed setting, make sure to check occasionally, that the thin pavers are flat all around. Once finished, any openings or joints can be packed with mortar. You can clean the excess off, with a sponge and water. Not sure you can do this correctly, call a Hardscape Installer, like American Paving Design for additional questions and help!

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