Can I Use Travertine Outside? How to use Natural Stone on Your Patio

Can I use Travertine on my Outdoor Patio? Will it be too slippery for entertaining friends and family? Is it hard to maintenance and repair? Let us at, American Paving Design, guide you through the most commonly asked Travertine questions. This stone is not only perfect for Outdoor Patios, its durable and timeless. Perfect for any Hardscape project!

Ivory Travertine Patio Picture

Travertine Lanai Design

Travertine: Durable and Adaptable

When re-designing your Outdoor Patio space, Travertine can be the perfect selection choice. Travertine is a form of Limestone, with its usage dating all the way back to the Romans and Middle ages. This Hardscape material, is often used on Pool Decks and Patio areas - due to extreme durability, non-slip surface and unique characteristics. Its popularity, versatile patterns and weather adaptability makes it a great choice for any outside living area.

Simplicity: Easy Maintenance & Repair

The last think you want or need is to have a patio space that is designed to need massive repair and maintenance throughout the years. When installing Travertine, you can be assured that this natural stone, is easy to care for. From using sealers to avoid staining and color dullness - to easily leveling and repair individual pieces- Travertine is the best option - for a low-key backyard, material.

Top 5 Reasons Travertine is Perfect!

French Pattern Travertine Pool Deck and Patio

Travertine Pool Deck

  1. Timeless & Sophisticated

  2. Versatile in avail. Size & Patterns

  3. Easy to Maintain & Repair

  4. Long Lasting Durability

  5. Non Slip Surface

Get Creative! Browse our Image Galleries to get ideas, inspiration and color options, for your new Travertine, Outdoor Living Space. No matter if it’s a Pool Deck, Lanai or Patio space, Travertine is sure to not only impress, it’s pure presence will add value to any backyard!

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