Charleston Paver Patio Installers - The 5 Best Paver Patio Ideas

Looking for the perfect paver patio? The Lowcountry’s top paver installers American Paving Design can help! Paver patios are the perfect place to spend your fall nights. Design & Install the perfect outdoor living space with our team! Just 7 days to a better backyard!


Did you know..PAVER patios are a great way to promote quality family time! It’s time you UNPLUG & UNWIND with the ones you love. Your homes backyard should be a place to relax and create memories. We can help you design that!

Looking for the perfect oversized paver? This patio was designed to entertain all year around. With it's beautiful color tones and large stone sizes, there is no better way to spend your fall nights, than in your own backyard!

Travertine can be a nice elegant touch to any backyard. With there non-slip surface and durability, it’s the perfect outdoor material.

Large paver patio stones are ideal. These oversized pavers can create quite the statement and allow for quality family time!