Hilton Head ISland Resident Replaces old Concrete Driveway with: Beautiful Brick Pavers

Many of the local, long-time island residents are now looking for options when it comes to renovating their driveways. This client had a damaged concrete driveway, in desperate need of an update.


Residents, like Mr. Meyer’s, are replacing their old concrete driveways with brick pavers for various reasons. After two recent hurricane’s, Mr. Meyers realized that his driveway was lifting in numerous places and becoming hazardous to maneuver. After researching both concrete driveway replacements and installation of brick pavers, he decided to give American Paving Design a call.

After meeting with us, Mr. Meyer’s realized that the cost comparison between concrete and pavers was more similar that he originally thought. Due to severity of the damage to his driveway, which was original to the home, he decided that the best solution was to have his entire driveway re-designed and installed, using brick pavers. Not only would this give his home amazing curb appeal, it would also eliminate the long-term upkeep and repairs that surround his home, due to constant exposure to storms and daily use.

Most of our clients install pavers on their driveways because they want to rid that ugly concrete. With a cost comparison, close to concrete replacement, why wouldn’t you choose this beautiful end result!




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