Hilton Head Island Paver Driveway Installation: Pictures and IDeas

 Do you remember that old, cracked and ugly concrete driveway, from our previous post? You won’t believe the transformation, using Tremron’s brick pavers! Check out, Mr. Meyer’s newly completed Driveway project! 


Within a week, American Paving Design was able to to lay this entire driveway, and allow for Mr. Meyers to finally have an entrance to his home he could be proud of! 

Take a look at the finished project!

For this paver driveway project, we used:

  • Tremron: Old Towne

  • Color: Sierra

  • DIMENSIONS: 6X4", 6X6", 6X9"


Within a week, American Paving Design was about to excavate that old concrete and install this AMAZING, brick paver driveway.  Finally, Mr. Meyer’s is able to have the entrance to his home, he can be proud of!




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