the best bluestone material: Choosing Bluestone for your patio project


Thinking about adding Bluestone to your hardscape project? Learn more about what bluestone has to offer - and how this timeless material can add a modern flair to any hardscape project.

Bluestone can offer a wonderful decorative flair to any Outdoor Living space. These products have a unique texture and durable composition that can not be destroyed easily. This universal material, can be installed in a variety of spaces including: patios, pool decks and walkways. Not everyone is aware that Bluestone is offered in different shapes, color tones and finishes - selecting the best finish for your home can make all the difference!

Selecting Bluestone: The 3 most popular types of Bluestone

Natural Cleft Bluestone - This type of Bluestone will come with multiple irregularities - allowing for a more textured looking stone. Less smooth than most, this is the least expensive option - and comes in a wider variety of colors: rust orange, blues and greys.

Thermal Bluestone- Thermal Bluestone is formed deeper in the earth and normally cut into solid layers. Once cut, it leaves a very smooth, unnatural surface- which must be re-textured.  This is where you enter, what we call the Thermal process.  The stone is wet and heated with a very hot flame, taking the surface layer off. Once completed, this stone is level - and easier to install. With a more demanding process, Thermal Bluestone is more expensive.

Irregular Bluestone- this is one of the most popular choices we install. This can be also known as, Flagstone. Because it is not cut into any specific size or thickness, it is cheaper to purchase but much more labor intensive to install. Its awesome irregularities, offer the ability to mold and create a space all your own!

Now that you know the three different types of Bluestone you can use on your Hardscape project - contact American Paving Design to help you design and install your new, Bluestone Patio space!