Multi-Level Outdoor Living Spaces | backyard paver patios and Retaining walls

Outdoor living spaces are a true extension of your home and personality. But if you are like many of our homeowners you may be dealing with lots of landscape obstacles including; sloped yards, small backyard spaces or uneven surfaces. We understand. As a Hardscape design and installation company, we can help you transform and upgrade your homes backyard exterior, no matter the hurdle.

Built to impress, this multi-level paver patio is the perfect place to spend your time. With its tiered stairs and optimal seating space, you can entertain all your family and friends in one spot!

Raised Paver Patios

We understand that not every home is situated on a flat piece of land. With the natural advantages of hardscape products like; masonry wall block and concrete pavers, designing a raised patio is easier than ever! Adding multiple levels to your backyard landscaping not only elevates your homes value, it allows you to use all angles of your backyard.

With the stability and durability of retaining wall block, constructing elevated patios like this one above are possible!

Retaining Wall Blocks

Retaining walls are built using specifically manufactured wall block. Built to retain soil, these concrete blocks are perfect for raised and elevated patio designs. These sturdy materials help alter the look and feel of many hardscape projects. Without the use of retaining wall block; sloped, raised or sub-grade hardscape projects would not have the ability be constructed.

Outdoor living is an expansion of your homes living room. Why not make it worth using year around! This backyard design was installed on a sloped yard, giving the owners the best use of their backyard space.

Seat Wall Design: Patio Seating

The idea of “ built-in “ seating has become more popular than ever. With the use of retaining wall block, seating wall installation bridges the gap between traditional and modern outdoor living concepts. With the allure of outdoor entertainment on the rise, why clutter your patio with bulky furniture? Seating walls will allow you to enhance your homes patio design and relax in style.

Small backyards can be the perfect place to design a paver patio. Pavers and wall block have the ability to be used vertically, allowing a small space to feel larger and more inviting.

Small Backyard Ideas

Don’t have two acres of land? No problem! Designing a patio with brick pavers makes it easy for us to create the allure of something much bigger than it actually is. With the capacity to build vertically using wall block, paver patios are the perfect solution for small backyards. Brick pavers come in multiple sizes and shapes, allowing you to customize all aspects of your new backyard design.