What is the Cost of A Paver Driveway? Pavers: Bluffton SC

Installing a paver driveway is more cost effective than you may realize, when comparing to concrete. Concrete installation may offer a smaller upfront price, but in the long run, the installation of brick pavers remain much easier to repair, maintain and offer much more appeal. 

This newly installed Tremron, 3pc, Sierra paver driveway will make you realize why you should choose brick pavers over concrete!

Most paver driveway installations take about one week- can you believe that?! After those seven days, you will have a beautiful, durable and sophisticated driveway! Even better than the quick project installation is the fact that the upkeep is just as simple and easy!

Many of our clients are worried that brick pavers cost more than concrete, but the price is actually more comprable than you may think!  Choosing brick pavers not only highlights your homes exisiting features, they allow you to repalce individual pavers, if they were to, become uprooted by tree roots or another issues. 

This newly installed paver driveway highlights all the great reasons why you should ALWAYS choose to install brick pavers.  Remember – Concrete Cracks, Pavers Don’t!

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