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Looking to install a paver driveway and unsure of the most common paver sizes and options available?

let American Paving Design help.

Commonly Asked Driveway Paver Questions:

  1. What Size Paver Should I use for my Driveway?

    Most commonly installed by American Paving Design, a 3pc Brick Paver can compliment any Driveway Installation project. This style of paver comes in 3 individual pieces; 6x4, 6x6 and 6x9. With it’s compact size- the 3pc paver - is ideal for small and large driveways!

  2. How many driveway paver options can i choose from?

    Thousands! Paver Manufacturers usually offer a multiplex of options for Driveway projects. With 60mm to 80mm pavers available - and 2pc, 3pc and Large Format pavers available - choosing the best paver option can be endless!

  3. do manufacturers carry multiple size pavers?

    Yes! Most Paver companies manufacturer many different Driveway Paver materials, thicknesses, colors and textures! You can check out the many paver material options - on our website! Click Here!

  4. What Are the benefits of installing pavers on your driveway?

    Brick Pavers are appealing, durable and functional. With easy repair techniques - pavers offer more versatility than concrete! Don’t get stuck with boring concrete - upgrade your home’s entrance - with Brick Pavers!

Staying with a Traditional 4x8 Paver? Great Choice! This classic 4x8 brick paver - can offer a multitude of patterns - making your Driveway look timeless and appealing. Easy to install, a traditional brick paver is perfect for Driveway Installation projects!

Choosing to use a 3pc Paver, for your Paver Driveway project? This particular paver selection is the most commonly installed by American Paving Design. With sizes ranging from; 6x4, 6x6 and 6x9, a 3pc option is perfect for creating depth in any size driveway!

Looking to Make a Statement? Using Large Format Pavers - like these Tremron, Mega Olde Towne pavers ( color: Sierra ) can help make any driveway look bigger, more inviting and wider! With sizes ranging from; 6x9, 9x9 and 9x12 - these large interlocking pavers can compliment any home! The bigger the better!

Lots of puddling in your Driveway? Install Permeable Pavers! These Eco-Friendly pavers help with storm water run-off, offer superior permeability and of course - beautification!