Permeable Pavers | American Paving Design

Concrete permeable paver systems would you be willing to save the planet and update you homes exterior at the same time? Installing beautiful concrete Permeable pavers will allow you to do just that.


Concrete Permeable Paver Driveways

Permeable pavers offer an ideal solution for controlling storm water pollution and enhances your homes curb appeal. With their multitude of color and size options - permeable pavers are perfect for your homes driveway remodel project.

Permeable pavers are useful to reduce erosion and flooding in areas that are prone to such. When waters are trapped and made to sink into the soil, it successfully eliminates erosion and reduces the rate of flooding.

Permeable Paver cost

Now that you’ve settled on the concept of permeable pavers, let’s look into the cost of installation. Just like traditional brick pavers, permeable pavers are an upgrade to basic concrete. But, with their natural ability to reduce the need for regular maintenance, installing permeable pavers is very cost effective. Interlocking pavers allow the homeowners to easily replace if needed and quickly deal with unflattering settlement. Although the labor cost to install brick pavers maybe more than poured concrete, the overall cost in the long run, is much less.

PErmeable Pavers: Eco-Friendly paving solutions


Many of our homeowners are interested in the concept of helping the environment and upgrading their homes landscaping. With the development of concrete, permeable pavers, you can do both.

Interlocking permeable pavers, allow the water to permeate and sip into the soil, rather than running over the existing hardscape. This lack of puddling is a huge benefit to many of our clients. The built in storm-water runoff, is one of the main reasons why permeable pavers have become so popular.