Permeable Pavers | Concrete Permeable Pavers on Driveways, Hardscapes & Patio Areas

Concrete Permeable Pavers | What EVERYONE Should know about using permeable pavers!

Pavers have become an influential tool in designing Hardscape outdoor living spaces. But now, more so than ever, Permeable pavers have become even MORE popular. With their eco-friendly agenda and their sleek design, choosing to install Permeable Pavers is not only visually appealing they are environmentally savvy!

Thinking green: Benefits of Permeable Pavers

Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers - otherwise known as PICP, are a relatively new system of concrete pavers. These Permeable Pavers automatically filter storm water run-off back into the ground. This technique not only reduces standing water along the projects surface - it naturally recycles and filters pollutants back into ground- pretty neat!

Below are Permeable Paver Projects American Paving Design has installed!

PErmeable Paver Vs. NOn Permeable Paver

Although either choice is perfect for a Hardscape project - permeable pavers and non-permeable pavers do have their differences.

  1. Permeable pavers have a wider joint - this allows for the easy water filtration to occur. ( See Below ) Non Permeable Pavers do not have joints as wide - therefore water can puddle much easier. ( See Below )

  2. Installation Difference: In a non permeable paver installation the hardscape project is constructed, to allow for the water run-off to pitch towards your landscaping or towards the road. This strategy helps to control standing/puddling water on the surface.

    With a permeable paver installation, the hardscape project is constructed so that the storm water is taken in by the driveway and dissolved back into the ground.