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Are you ready to upgrade your asphalt or concrete driveway? Learn why installing brick interlocking pavers are better and more cost effective than poured concrete! With tons of benefits, brick pavers are the materials for your driveway transformation.

Did you know paver driveways are quick to install, easy to maintain and appealing to look at! Get rid of that boring concrete and install pavers!

Reasons to choose brick paver driveways

•    Immediate usage, usually the installation of brick pavers can be a bit time consuming because it involves excavation, base preparation, geotextile fiber install, sand preparation, laying of the pavers and a lot more. But the good news is that it does not require curing time, once the installation is over; the ground is ready for use.

    •    Ease of subsequent adjustment, the brick pavers can be easily readjusted or re-compacted in the event of a poor grading or settling issues. They can also be removed and the stones replaced without damage to the installation.

    •    Maintenance, to keep the beauty of your patio, walkway, and drive, regular maintenance is crucial. Because of the nature of its installation, brick pavers require less cleaning, except for little weeds and moss that grows in between the joints. These can equally be removed with a weed killer.

    •    Assured durability, the many joints in between the pave hinders the stagnation of water on it and with a good installation, drainage problems seldom occur. Pavers can also take a lot of weight on its surface; it is rated to be four times stronger than a typical concrete slab.

Bricks pavers can expand and contract easily without cracking. It stands up well to the regular changes in weather conditions.

Why Paver Driveways are better than poured concrete: Benefits of Pavers

The surrounding and the entrance of everyone’s house leave a remarkable impression in the minds of onlookers, neighbors, and guests. If the aesthetics or curb appeal of a house is to be judged, the face of the ground around it is of equal importance. It is against this regard, that your landscape surrounding need to be adorned with brick pavers or poured concrete. This is necessary to enliven the look of the flowered garden, orchard, pool area, driveway, and your house entrance.

Brick pavers and poured concrete are both effective for the same purpose however, they offer different benefits and require different strategies as well. To enable you to make an informed choice on which to go for, we will introduce you to the astounding benefits of both.

Paver Driveway Installation