A Retaining Wall for Your Home


Reasons for a Retaining Wall

Considering a retaining wall for your Lowcountry home?  People build retaining walls for for one or more of three reasons.

  • Preventing erosion – Runoff from rain can wear away a sloped yard. A retaining wall can create a buffer to hold soil and plants in place.
  • Leveling a slope – Some yards are too sloped for gardens, patios, playsets, and other uses. Soil built up behind a retaining wall makes a sloped area flat.
  • Adding beauty – Retaining walls can add beauty to any yard, even a flat one, by sectioning parts of the property for specific purposes. For example, you might want to enclose a garden or a patio with a retaining wall to add dimension to your yard.

Pavers Are the Perfect Material

Regardless of the reason for the wall, pavers are the perfect material.  Pavers are strong and durable, so a paver retaining wall correctly built can withstand the pressure of soil and the wear and tear from the elements.  In fact, many retaining walls built by the ancient Romans still stand today.

Not only are paving retaining walls sound, but they are also beautiful.  Pavers come in a variety of shapes and colors to accent your yard and your individual taste.  Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, you will have many choices available.  Paired with a paver walkway or patio, a paver retaining wall can create the perfect outdoor living space.  Check out our Idea Gallery for examples!

Trust American Paving Design

You don’t want to trust just anyone with a project that affects the structural integrity of your yard.  No one does pavers better than American Paving Design.  We can walk you through the process of building your paver retaining wall and help you find the paving stones that will work best.  Call us today to schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation, and receive a free 3-D drawing of what your paver project will look like. We build retaining walls for Hilton Head, Bluffton, and Savannah homes.