Should I Seal my Driveway Pavers? Benefits of Sealing Brick Pavers

Are you thinking about sealing your Driveway pavers? Not sure exactly what type of sealer to choose from? Learn about the multitude of benefits, sealing your brick pavers can produce!

Congratulations! You just installed a beautiful, refreshing brick paver Driveway. After such a large investment, many of our clients want to know: Should I Seal my Driveway Pavers? Sealer without a doubt, has it’s benefits to keeping your Driveway looking new, protecting it from stains and UV rays. Let’s take a look at the top reasons, you SHOULD seal your driveway pavers.

UV Ray Protection Located in a Coastal town ( Bluffton, SC ) many of our clients know, that the UV Rays can be extremely strong! As pavers sit, absorbing these rays, their vibrant color tones tend dimmish. Although pavers are manufactured to resist UV Rays, adding a Sealer on-top of your new Driveway pavers, can add an extra layer of protection - to keep your pavers looking new and refreshed, longer!

Joint Stabilizing Sealer Adding a joint stabilizing sealer to your Driveway, is an excellent choice. This specific type of sealer, penetrates into the sand or aggregates, between your paver joints, to create stability and durability. Along with stabilization, this sealer will also continue to enhance the colors of your newly installed pavers over the years.

Resisting Stains with Sealer We all know the inevitable will happen- stains! Why not help prevent the penetration of spills and oil using sealer. Applying sealer on-top of your pavers, will help resist daily stains, and will make removing stains, much easier. How awesome is that?!

Wet Look or Natural Look Sealer The market is saturated with all different types of sealers and finishes. Let’s just focus on two: Wet Look or Natural Look. Do you want to add a color enhancement and subtle sheen to your pavers, then consider a Wet Look Sealer. Or, do you tend to like the natural look of your pavers. If that is the case, you will choose a Natural Look Sealer. This type of sealer will not change the color of your existing pavers, but will give you ALL the protection you need!

Make sure our PROTECT your INVESTMENT. Applying sealer to your brick pavers, especially your driveway pavers, will only help: Prevent stains, enhance or maintain color tones and create long lasting durability.

Sealed with a Wet Look Sealer, this vibrant Belgard, Paver Driveway is protected from UV Rays!

Sealed with a Wet Look Sealer, this vibrant Belgard, Paver Driveway is protected from UV Rays!

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