Paver Bench Seating : Patio Seating Wall Ideas

paver bench seating- The perfect way to maximize your patio space without the clutter of furniture! Selecting to Add paver seating walls to your outdoor living design allows your stop moving furniture and enjoy more time with family and friends!


Seat Wall Designs: Patio Seating Walls & Fire Pits

With the rise in interest of hardscape design and installation, it is no wonder that sitting walls, paver patios and fire pits are trending high!

Built using specified retaining wall block - seating walls, otherwise known as sitting walls are perfect accessories to any patio design! Averaging approx. 18” high, block built seating walls can be built to preference.

If you choose to install a fire pit on your patio, the seating wall block actually works to help keep the heat centered on the patio space- making outdoor entertainment on those chilly nights..enjoyable!