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Paver Driveway Borders Driveway Edgers & Designs

Paver Driveway Borders Driveway Edgers & Designs

Pavers in Bluffton SC. Paver Driveways are a great way to increase the value of your home while also creating unique curb appeal. Adding in creative paver driveway borders and edgers can really help your new driveway look beautiful!

Here’s what no one tells you about Porcelain Pavers |The truth about these outdoor tiles

Here’s what no one tells you about Porcelain Pavers |The truth about these outdoor tiles

Expert tips on porcelain tile! What exactly is porcelain tile? This durable and stunning material is one of the newest trends in hardscape design. Used on pool deck, patio and lanai renovations, this paving material is ideal for many clients. Learn more about this fantastic product and contract your located paver installer for more information!

Why You should choose Brick Pavers for your Driveway - Client Review

Why You should choose Brick Pavers for your Driveway - Client Review

Within a week, American Paving Design was able to to lay this entire driveway, and allow for Mr. Meyers to finally have an entrance to his home he could be proud of! 

Remodel Your Pool Deck: When is the Perfect Time for Pool Remodels?

Winter Pool Deck Remodeling

It may be a lot cooler outside but now that Fall is almost officially over you may be surprised to know that this is a great time to REMODEL your pool deck area. Here are a few reasons why it's a great time to create your backyard resort!. 

1. A winter pool remodel may minimize the amount of time you lose enjoying your backyard oasis!

Even if you have an outdoor spa, you probably are using your outdoor pool deck area much less during the winter. So, while you construction overhaul is in full effect, you won't be able to use it. However, if you aren't in it anyway it's the ideal time to take it out of commission for a outdoor face lift!

2. A winter make-over means your updated pool deck will be ready in time for spring!

It may seem obvious but if you want to be able to enjoy your new pool deck when warm weather hits now is the perfect time to get your project going. 

3. A winter project minimizes impact on your backyard landscaping - AND in the end will make it look even better!

While minor updates will disturb landscaping, jobs that include crews and machinery may impact surrounding greenery. That's where American Paving Design's expertise comes into play! Our crews are highly trained and can work seamlessly to ensure that your landscaping remains in tact throughout your pool deck renovations. 

With these benefits in mind, plan ahead. While other pool owners are focused on holiday shopping, book a contractor to start your pool overhaul. Whether you choose natural stone or pavers, you can beat the spring-time pool remodel rush, get a jump start on swim season, and maximize your family’s days of sun-splashed, backyard fun!

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Wondering About travertine | Installing Travertine on your pool deck | savannah, bluffton & Hilton Head Island

Travertine is the coolest pool deck material.

Travertine pavers made of natural stone are wonderful for pool deck and patio areas. With different styles, sizes and color schemes, Travertine is a great option if you don't want to use traditional pavers. Take a look at some of our Travertine Pool Decks. They will not disappoint! 

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