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Can I Install a Gas Fire Pit on my Patio: Benefits of a Gas Burning Fire Pit

Can I Install a Gas Fire Pit on my Patio: Benefits of a Gas Burning Fire Pit

Gas Burning Fire Pits are as Simple as they are Pretty. With their low maintenance routines, easy on/off buttons, and chic design options - adding this type fire pit to your Outdoor Living space, is perfect for year around enjoyment! As a Hardscape Installer, many of our clients want to know, why we suggest Gas Burning fire pits - we’ve decided to let you all in on a little secret!

Why should you add pavers to your backyard? | Upgrading Your Outdoor Living Space with Pavers

We are often asked why homeowners should think about adding pavers to their home and here's what we say:

Pavers offer:  Longevity. Durability. Aesthetics

With the ever growing strength and easy maintenance that pavers deliver, it is no wonder why people are choosing pavers over concrete. With a variety of styles, colors and sizes, pavers offer a look of beauty that concrete never can! Don't settle for boring concrete - call us and we can help you discover the creativity pavers can add to your home!

So, check out a few of our recent paver projects below or click here to for even more paver inspiration!


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Backyard Makeover Using Our 3-D Tool


A homeowner in Sea Pines Plantation on Hilton Head Island wanted to spice up her large, flat backyard.  Like many homeowners, she knew how she wanted to use her space, but she wasn’t sure what was possible.  This situation is a perfect example of how our 3-D design software helps clients realize exactly what they want in a backyard makeover and then achieve it.

Our 3-D Design Process

To create the 3-D landscape design, we met with the homeowner to understand her desires.  Then, we took pictures of the space, and we used the pictures to create a digital design.  The digital design allowed her understand what we were capable of building.  Also, she could see exactly where we would build, and how much space the project would occupy in her yard.

The Backyard Makeover Result

The result was a sleek paver pathway leading from the home to a small paver patio and a fire pit.  A short retaining wall created dimension for the end.

We used Old Savannah Grey pavers from Jenkins Brick, located in Hardeeville, SC.  The Old Savannah Grey style is popular in the Lowcountry because it copies the bricks that were used in much of the construction that occurred in Savannah in the 1800s.  The bricks give this paver project a classic, weathered look perfect for homes in this region.

Get Your FREE Backyard Design

Do you have ideas for your backyard, but you aren’t sure how they will work out?  Make an appointment with American Paving Design for a totally free, no obligation consultation.  Just like we did for this Hilton Head Island homeowner, we will create a digital 3-D drawing of exactly what your paver project will look like – BEFORE you make any commitments.  With our 3-D design tool, we will help you realize the backyard of your dreams.


Backyard Paver Patio Remodel Pictures: Hardscape Design


The slideshow below shows a backyard remodel that American Paving Design did for a homeowner in Wexford, SC.  The first two pictures show what the area looked like before we started clearing the land.  Then, the 3D drawings show how we helped the homeowners plan the work.  After each 3D drawing, a photo displays the final result.  As you can see, we completely transformed this backyard into an inviting space that will be perfect for entertaining family and friends.  

When American Paving Design does a backyard remodel, we do more than simply design and build a paver patio.  This renovation includes an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, specialty lighting, and a retaining wall.  When you hire American Paving Design to transform your backyard space, you benefit from our experience helping more than three thousand Lowcountry homeowners with paver projects.

All the pavers used in this project are Sierra colored pavers from Tremron.  The larger pavers are made in Tremron’s Olde Towne style, which is perfect for small patios. Combined with Stonegate cap and Stonegate 6” tumbled wall blocks, the pavers achieve an old European feel.  For accents and edging, we used a 2 3/8 brick in Sierra.

Like what you see?  Call us now to set up an appointment to learn more about what we can do with your outdoor living space.  Or check out our Idea Gallery for more inspiration!  We look forward to helping you transform your backyard into the space of your dreams.

Fireplace and Firepit: Which Is Right for You?

In this video, Tim Niemiec explores outdoor fireplaces and outdoor firepits.  He discusses how each option is built and the pros and cons of that selection. Outdoor Fireplaces

If you're looking for that true fireplace look, you can't go wrong with the real thing.  The first example is a pre-built unit.  We assembled it on site and covered it with a veneer stone.  This particular unit can either be wood burning or gas burning.  It is flexible and can be covered with stone, stucco, or tile.

Outdoor Firepits

The block and mortar built fire pit is our most popular fire pit.  The example unit is made from concrete block.  Then, we covered the inside with fire brick and installed stone and/or stucco on the exterior.  This option is great because it offers the homeowner flexibility in size, shape, and color.

Paver Firepits

These units are made by a manufacturer and then installed in the desired shape and size on site.  The advantage of using these units is the range choices in color, style, and texture.  Also, it's the best option if you want the units to match the pavers on your patio surface.

Tim's Tips:

1.  Check what kind of clearance you have at your home.  See what hangs over the area you would like to build your fire pit or fireplace.

2.  Do you want a gas or wood burning unit?  Or both?

3.  Put a budget together for the project.  If you have a dollar amount in mind, this will help determine which product you can afford.

4.  Ask for professional help.  Get advice from someone (like Tim) who does this every day.  Also, you can go online to look for ideas you like.  Browse our Idea Gallery to see projects we have completed for customers.