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Paver Bench Seating : Patio Seating Wall Ideas

paver bench seating- The perfect way to maximize your patio space without the clutter of furniture! Selecting to Add paver seating walls to your outdoor living design allows your stop moving furniture and enjoy more time with family and friends!


Seat Wall Designs: Patio Seating Walls & Fire Pits

With the rise in interest of hardscape design and installation, it is no wonder that sitting walls, paver patios and fire pits are trending high!

Built using specified retaining wall block - seating walls, otherwise known as sitting walls are perfect accessories to any patio design! Averaging approx. 18” high, block built seating walls can be built to preference.

If you choose to install a fire pit on your patio, the seating wall block actually works to help keep the heat centered on the patio space- making outdoor entertainment on those chilly nights..enjoyable!

Paver Patio Installers | Hilton Head & Bluffton

Paver Patio Installers | Hilton Head & Bluffton

Looking for the premier paver patio installers in the lowcountry? Stop searching and start designing with American Paving Design! Our creative team of professional installers will transform any patio from dull to ideal in just 7 days! It’s time you start enjoying your home’s backyard, today!

Backyard patio Designs| Popular paver patio ideas

Backyard patio Designs| Popular paver patio ideas

Backyard paver patio ideas. Searching for the best way to create a beautiful backyard? Paver patios, seating walls and fire pits are perfect additions to any homes exterior. Check out our trending paver patios and start designing the perfect place for your families relaxing moments!

Top Trends in Outdoor Living & Hardscape Design | 2019 Backyard Patio & Pool Deck Ideas - American Paving Design

Top Trends in Outdoor Living & Hardscape Design | 2019 Backyard Patio & Pool Deck Ideas - American Paving Design

2019 Hardscape trends and design ideas have arrived! Looking to upgrade your grill station, create a more relaxing patio space or remodel your pool deck - let us help you! Hardscape has become quite the craze among homeowners and developers. Here at American Paving Design our team specializes in all things - Hardscape! Call us to help you design the perfect gathering space and start home!

Design & Installation Challenge: Check Out this Retaining Wall in Hilton Head!

Design & Installation Challenge: Check Out this Retaining Wall in Hilton Head!

The last thing you want is for your newly laid patio to wash away into the yard! Retaining walls can ensure that your patio stays great shape for years to come. They also add enclosure and privacy to your space, creating the feel of an outdoor room.

Why should you add pavers to your backyard? | Upgrading Your Outdoor Living Space with Pavers

We are often asked why homeowners should think about adding pavers to their home and here's what we say:

Pavers offer:  Longevity. Durability. Aesthetics

With the ever growing strength and easy maintenance that pavers deliver, it is no wonder why people are choosing pavers over concrete. With a variety of styles, colors and sizes, pavers offer a look of beauty that concrete never can! Don't settle for boring concrete - call us and we can help you discover the creativity pavers can add to your home!

So, check out a few of our recent paver projects below or click here to for even more paver inspiration!


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Backyard Makeover Using Our 3-D Tool


A homeowner in Sea Pines Plantation on Hilton Head Island wanted to spice up her large, flat backyard.  Like many homeowners, she knew how she wanted to use her space, but she wasn’t sure what was possible.  This situation is a perfect example of how our 3-D design software helps clients realize exactly what they want in a backyard makeover and then achieve it.

Our 3-D Design Process

To create the 3-D landscape design, we met with the homeowner to understand her desires.  Then, we took pictures of the space, and we used the pictures to create a digital design.  The digital design allowed her understand what we were capable of building.  Also, she could see exactly where we would build, and how much space the project would occupy in her yard.

The Backyard Makeover Result

The result was a sleek paver pathway leading from the home to a small paver patio and a fire pit.  A short retaining wall created dimension for the end.

We used Old Savannah Grey pavers from Jenkins Brick, located in Hardeeville, SC.  The Old Savannah Grey style is popular in the Lowcountry because it copies the bricks that were used in much of the construction that occurred in Savannah in the 1800s.  The bricks give this paver project a classic, weathered look perfect for homes in this region.

Get Your FREE Backyard Design

Do you have ideas for your backyard, but you aren’t sure how they will work out?  Make an appointment with American Paving Design for a totally free, no obligation consultation.  Just like we did for this Hilton Head Island homeowner, we will create a digital 3-D drawing of exactly what your paver project will look like – BEFORE you make any commitments.  With our 3-D design tool, we will help you realize the backyard of your dreams.


Backyard Paver Patio Remodel Pictures: Hardscape Design


The slideshow below shows a backyard remodel that American Paving Design did for a homeowner in Wexford, SC.  The first two pictures show what the area looked like before we started clearing the land.  Then, the 3D drawings show how we helped the homeowners plan the work.  After each 3D drawing, a photo displays the final result.  As you can see, we completely transformed this backyard into an inviting space that will be perfect for entertaining family and friends.  

When American Paving Design does a backyard remodel, we do more than simply design and build a paver patio.  This renovation includes an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, specialty lighting, and a retaining wall.  When you hire American Paving Design to transform your backyard space, you benefit from our experience helping more than three thousand Lowcountry homeowners with paver projects.

All the pavers used in this project are Sierra colored pavers from Tremron.  The larger pavers are made in Tremron’s Olde Towne style, which is perfect for small patios. Combined with Stonegate cap and Stonegate 6” tumbled wall blocks, the pavers achieve an old European feel.  For accents and edging, we used a 2 3/8 brick in Sierra.

Like what you see?  Call us now to set up an appointment to learn more about what we can do with your outdoor living space.  Or check out our Idea Gallery for more inspiration!  We look forward to helping you transform your backyard into the space of your dreams.

Prepare for the Ultimate Paver Project!


Spring will be here before you know it. Prepare now for the ultimate Paver project!

Now is the time to start organizing and planning for your outdoor space. With Spring around the corner, let American Paving Design give you tips and ideas on how to spruce up your old concrete pad or grassy area with an enhanced and durable paver patio.

Pavers and Natural stone are known for their durability and eye catching colors and patterns. Why not install a paver project in your home today?  Check our top 3 tips for creating that dream space.

  1. Pick the Paver or Stone best suited for your home and project area

Are you looking for a natural stone that is uniquely beautiful?  Why not install Travertine? Travertine is a natural stone, made from Limestone deposits. It is naturally cool to the touch and wonderful for Patios and Pool deck areas.   Travertine stone comes in a multitude of variations and sizes, based off of a tan and cream colored pallet. This would add natural elegance to any backyard space.

 (Check out these Travertine installed projects)

Not interested in stone? No problem! American Paving Design offers a wide variety of pavers that come in all difference sizes and color variations. Installing inter-locking pavers is ideal for all outdoor- environments.  Brick pavers are virtually maintenance-free, and deliver a spectacular polished look after installation.

 (check out these Paver patios’ installed)

  1. Border or No Border

If you are trying to really create a unique paver patio space, adding paver borders and retaining walls to your area is key. Paver borders really bring out the shape of the area and defines the area.  You can use accent colors, such as the trim on your house or maybe a color your intending on using with your outdoor furniture.  If you are not wanting a large contrast between your paver patio and your border, you can use two very close, natural looking colors.

  1. It’s all about accessories: Pots and Planters

Want to add additional character to your paver patio design? Adding colorful planters to your patio can create an oasis feel, without over stimulating the space. Most of the time we can physically build planters out of the brick paver material we are using to build your patio.  Adding built-in planters gives vertical depth to the brick paver patio and really defines the space. Another benefit to adding planters to your design is it will help soften the hardscape space. This simple trick will help create a harmonious design. You do not need to have a large space to make it functional. When thinking about how to make a small space appear larger, think about adding vertical height to your brick paver patio.

Which Paver Thickness Is Right for Your Outdoor Project?


Pavers come in several different thicknesses.  Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or if you are hiring a contractor for your outdoor project, you want to be sure you are picking the right thickness paver for how you plan to use it.  If you pick a size too thin, your surface will crack and break in a short amount of time.  If it is too thick, you will be wasting money on material you don't need.

Common Paver Thicknesses and Their Uses:

30mm (1 1/4") Pavers

Thin Paver Remodel
Thin Paver Remodel

If you have an existing concrete patio, sidewalk, front entry, or pool deck that you don't want to tear out, you can overlay the concrete surface with 30 mm pavers.  Another name for a 30 mm paver is thin paver, and overlaying poured concrete with thin pavers is often called a thin paver remodel.  For patios, sidewalks, or front entrys, whether you want to overlay your existing concrete with thin pavers or whether you want to tear the concrete out and put in 60 mm pavers is a matter of choice.  For pool remodels, however, we strongly recommend leaving the existing concrete decks in place because you can create a lot of problems for yourself when you tear out the poured concrete deck unless you know exactly where water and drain lines are laid under it.  If you break a line while you are tearing up the concrete deck, you will have to repair the line, which will add cost, time, and frustration to your project.

60mm (2 3/8") Pavers 

Tearing out concrete driveway
Tearing out concrete driveway

60mm thick pavers are best for outdoor projects such as patios, pool decks, and driveways where you do not have a poured concrete surface underneath.  For driveways, we always tear out the existing surface before adding the 60mm pavers.  If you try to overlay your existing driveways surface with 30mm pavers, the pavers will crack and break.

80mm (3 1/8") Pavers

Commercial Pavers
Commercial Pavers

80mm thick pavers are unnecessary for residential use.  These are commercial-grade pavers and should be used for streets and industrial pavements.

If you have questions about choosing the right pavers for your project, fill out our online form to ask a question.  Also, if you live in Bluffton, SC; Hilton Head, SC; Savannah, GA; and surrounding areas, you can take advantage of our free estimate, which includes a 3-D drawing of how your paver project will look in your yard.

American Paving Design has installed over 3000 paver projects (and counting!), so we have the knowledge and experience to make your project a success.