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Driveway Upgrade: Using Brick Pavers On Your Driveway |Design & Ideas| Savannah, GA

Get rid of that ugly concrete driveway. Upgrade to Brick Pavers. With unlimited driveway material options & sizes- now is the time to re-design your driveway.

This Hilton Head client was tired of expensive patches for her concrete driveway that didn't match or last. 

When this Hilton Head client called American Paving Design she was interested in how we could transform her concrete driveway to a paver driveway. Originally, she had a concrete driveway was that was cracked in many places.  When she had it repaired in the past the patches didn't match and were very expensive. She also lives very close to the marsh in Sea Pines and often water would rush up her driveway on king tides.

How did we help re-design this cracked concrete driveway?

As a result of the king tides and water issues, our paver team knew that proper pitch, drainage and permeability were very important to her. The client didn't want the new paver driveway tolook busy so we decided to install a large format brick paver in a random pattern to give the client the relaxed look she was looking for.  Our paver design team agreed to change some of the old elevations of the concrete driveway to help with the possible future water issues.

New Paver Driveway: Pictures

In the end American Paving Design solved two major driveway issues for this client. She now has a paver driveway that is extremely easy to repair and allows for proper drainage to eliminate the standing water problem she once had.

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This Paver Driveway Details:

  • Paver Used: Tremron Pavers

  • Paver Size: 3pc- Mega Olde Towne

  • Paver Color: Sierra

  • Paver Project Location: Sea Pines, Hilton Head Island