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Paver Pool Deck Installers : Bluffton, SC

Paver Pool Deck Installers : Bluffton, SC

Do you need a new pool deck? Check out the leading pool deck installers at American Paving Design. Using brick pavers and natural stone, we can remodel your pool deck in less than a week! Check out this beautifully installed paver pool deck in Bluffton SC. Call us today!

What is Pool Coping? Pool Coping Options & Materials| American Paving Design

What is Pool Coping? Pool Coping Options & Materials| American Paving Design

What is pool coping? As you begin to remodel your pool deck and surrounding spaces you will begin to decide if you need to consider, pool coping. Typically, pool coping is made of various materials and can come in multiple sizes and colors. Added to enhance your pools exterior perimeter, pool coping is essential to your pools remodel! Learn why, here!



Take our word for it, travertine pool decks are absolutely gorgeous!

From their sleek design and cool to the touch technology to the long-term ease of maintenance, you should consider a travertine pool deck if you are in the process of designing a pool deck renovation.

Overlay Pool Deck Remodel - Client Testimonial Hilton Head Island, SC

 Overlay Pool Deck Remodel - Client Testimonial Hilton Head Island, SC

We've posted photos of this spectacular pool deck update in Hilton Head, but what was it like for the homeowner? Find out in this week’s video!

How to Design and Remodel your Pool Deck | Savannah, GA, Bluffton & Hilton Head Island

Transform a Pool Deck with Pavers- Remodel Your Pool Deck

Located in the prestigious Long Cove area of Hilton Head, American Paving Design recently completed an upgraded pool renovation on this home. 


Typically with pool remodel projects, we install remodel coping throughout the entire pool deck edge. We also upgraded thin paver overlay on their current surface, using Tremron, Sand Dune, 1” brick pavers.  The 1” brick pavers worked perfectly for overlaying existing areas - suitable for this type of application. 

This client wanted American Paving Design to solve their issue of their unflattering and cracking prior pool deck, move and haul away old outdoor kitchen and accessories, and replace all gas and electrical connections. 

From our years of experience we have learned that it is very important when doing a pool deck remodel to focus on the correct pool edge coping, paver size and transitional areas.  Pool deck remodels and renovations are perfect for the homeowner who does not want to rip out their current pool deck surface, but also wants to create and highlight a new and improved area, including solving drainage issues and smoothing out uneven surfaces.   


Using Brick Pavers Prevented the Need to Remove The Old Pool Deck.

The client called out company interested in a pool deck renovation.  His major fear with this project was the current pool deck had to be removed in order to complete the finished look he desired.  When our team met with the client we explained the option he had of leaving is current pool deck in place and overlay the surface with 1” Brick paver or commonly called thin pavers. We told the client in order for this pool remodel to be successful we needed to make a smooth transition from the pool deck edge to the new elevation of the 1’ brick pavers. The product that does this job is called remodel coping. Remodel coping is a L shaped material made out of the same material the thin pavers are, that is design to sit on top of the tile and on top of the pool deck. This product serves two purposes.  One is to hide the face of the old deck above the tile and the other is to raise the to meet the 1” Brick pavers. When remodel coping and thin pavers are installed correctly on pool deck you won’t be able to tell that the old pool deck surface is under the new pool deck. When we explained the install process he was concerned with leaving the old material under the deck and asked what happened if the under deck cracked in the future. We eased the customers concerns with explaining how the old surface is covered with a thin layer of sand and not adhered to the old decking surface. So essentially this new 1” brick paver is floating on top of the new deck.  If the deck were to crack, which typically does not happen, we could easily remove a small section of thin pavers, repair the under decking, and install the pavers back very easily. 


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This Paver Pool Deck Details:

  • Paver: Tremron Old Towne 30mm

  • Field:  3-piece

  • Color: Sand Dune

  • Pattern: Random

  • Paver Project Location: Long Cove, Hilton Head Island