TIP TWO: Our Top 7 Tips for Designing and Building a Concrete Paver Driveway

Do you like simple and functional driveways or are you all about curb-appeal? 


There are no right or wrong answers; you just need to know what you want so that you can get the perfect paver driveway for you!

TIP TWO: Ask a few simple questions to help you determine the size and layout of your driveway.

If figuring out your driveway's size and shape seems overwhelming, don't worry! This week, we'll give you a few basic questions you can ask yourself that will help determine the future layout of your new paver driveway! 

Figure out the size first:

1. How many cars do you want to be able to park on your driveway? 

Don't just think about your cars; consider how often you have guests over and how many will be staying. If you love throwing parties or often have multiple guests visiting at a time, you should consider increasing the size of your driveway!

How long before your household has an extra driver?

How long before your household has an extra driver?

2. How many soon-to-be-drivers do you have in your household?

Lots of parents forget this important question! If you are planning on staying in your house for a few years, then you may have several pre-teens that will be driving in no time! This means a crowded driveway if you don't plan ahead!

Plan ahead if basketball is a family sport!

Plan ahead if basketball is a family sport!

3. Are you planning on using your driveway for any other future uses?

You're going to want to plan if you want to host a basketball practice or a block party. Extending your Driveway is definitely do-able, but making sure the design layout meets your site plan and budget is key! 

Questions to help you plan the layout :

1. Do you want a straight, curved, or circular driveway?

Whether you want your driveway to be purely functional or designed for aesthetics, there are important things to consider with each option. Generally, a circular driveway will add more character and depth than a straight driveway. It will also allow a turn in the front so guests won't have to reverse out of your driveway. 

If you only have room for a straight driveway, there are always additional design options such as a interesting borders, contrasting color variations and intricate patterns that will give your straight driveway the curb appeal you are after!

2. Have you considered any turnaround areas or an expanded entrance for easier access to your home?

Although it's not as fun to consider, the main purpose of your driveway is utilitarian. For that reason, take some time to think about whether you need to add turnaround areas or an expanded entrance to your home as it is much easier to add to a plan than an existing driveway!

Finally, this is not a question but a recommendation. If you are not sure what driveway layout you like best, take some time to drive around in your neighborhood and assess the elements that you like or don't like about them. 

A expert paving contractor will be able to help with all of the questions above and much more so if you need help determining the layout for your new paver driveway let American Paving Design help you!  Click here to call or contact us online.


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