Travertine Patio and Outdoor Living Area Hilton Head, SC


Watch this video of how American Paving Design transformed a Hilton Head, SC, backyard. The home previously had a wood deck. We replaced the deck with a travertine patio, added multiple areas, and installed an outdoor fireplace. Now, this simple outdoor living area is an outdoor mansion with separate "rooms." This kind of layout is perfect for hosting an outdoor party because the different areas gives people places to mingle and congregate in different groups. Plus, the outdoor fireplace extends the season so that the outdoor space can be used year-round. Travertine is an increasingly popular material for patios because of the natural look of the stones. Also, travertine requires little maintenance and is material. It can withstand weathering and erosion without deteriorating. In fact, its appearance actually improves with age. Plus, its colors will not fade over time. The Collosseum in Rome was built out of travertine in 80 AD, and it still stands today!

If you are interested in having a travertine patio installed in your home, contact us for a TOTALLY FREE, NO HASSLE estimate. We'll even make a 3-D design of your patio for no charge. American Paving Design is the Lowcountry's expert on travertine pavers. Give us a chance to prove this to you today.