What is a Permeable Paver Driveway... and Why do I want one?

Permeable paver driveways are not just beautiful... they are more environmentally friendly than asphalt or concrete. Here's why:


Clients are always surprised to learn that permeable pavers are a high-quality, long lasting, and more environmentally friendly option than asphalt or concrete. 

There are two BIG reasons why using a permeable paver for your new driveway may be the best option for you:

1. Green-up your driveway 

Permeable pavers, unlike traditional paving stone driveways, allow water to drain down and through the gaps between them. The water runs into a bed of crushed stone and then gently seeps into the soil underneath. 

When water runs on a typical concrete or asphalt driveway, the water collects all of the oil and chemicals as it drains into the streets, storm drains, and nearby waterways. This not only increases the chances of flooding from runoff but also sends pollution into our waterways. 

Whether the permeable pavers are made of brick, stone, or concrete, they will work if they are laid over a properly installed base. You will want to hire a pro with permeable paver experience to ensure that your new driveway is as eco-friendly as possible. 

2. Reduce cracks and maintenance with permeable pavers


If you live in an area prone to large downpours or heavy rains (Hello, LowCountry!) then using traditional paving stones will mean that your driveway will not last as long. 

A properly installed permeable paver driveway can absorb at least 10 inches of rain per hour. This is nearly twice the amount of rain recorded during the heaviest downpour in US history.  

It is always important to note to our clients and anyone else thinking about a new driveway that no matter which option you choose you should plan on regular maintenance. However, with a permeable paver option your driveway will last longer.

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