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What is Pool Coping?

When an inground pool is constructed, usually in concrete, it is important to finish off with pool coping. Essentially, it separates the pool structure from its decking. Other than it is necessary, it also beautifies the sides of the pool. After swimming, in an attempt to get out of the pool, the coping provides a good grip. The pool coping also prevents water from flowing behind the pool shell. It prevents debris like leaves, and dirt from entering the pool. The concrete edges of the pool are concealed by the pool coping, and water splashing out of the pool flows away into the deck drain. This is as a result of a slight tilt ( grade) made during coping construction. In addition to concealing the pools concrete edge, the coping provides a non-skid surface on which swimmers can walk. This highly reduces the risk of slipping, due to the constant presence of moisture at the poolside.

Pool Deck Remodel Using Traditional Remodel Coping

Silver Travertine Pool Deck Coping Ideas

Pool Coping Options & Remodel Designs

Types of pool coping

Remodeling your pool decks gives you the perfect opportunity to enhance your pools coping perimeter. Depending on the type of remodel your pool requires, there are numerous types of coping choices to choose from:

  1. Bullnose Coping: Seamless in transition, bullnose coping offers a perfect solution for creating a stunning pool deck design. As it separates the pool structure from the decking, it also helps to provide a non-slip surface, and conceal old, concrete pool edges.

  2. Remodel Pool Coping: Need to quickly upgrade your pools exterior? Installing remodel coping, allows you to hide blemishes and gives your pools edge, the face-life it needs. With the ability to overlay existing pool coping, remodel coping can be a quick and easy, fix! The most popular sizes are; 2 3/8” or 4”.

  3. Travertine Coping: Travertine pool coping is pre-formed and made to match your Travertine pool deck installation. Varied in size and colors, the most popular remodel Travertine pool coping sizes are; 6 x 12 and 12 x 12.

The basic maintenance of a pool usually involves a lot of work. It is a known fact that good maintenance elongates the lifespan of any construction. Pool coping remodeling is just one of the many ways to ensure the good maintenance of a swimming pool and its surrounding deck space.

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