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Pool Coping Pictures of Remodel Pool Decks

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What is Pool Coping? Do I need to Install Pool Coping? how does it enhance your Pool Deck?

Pool Coping is not only an accent piece surrounding the exterior edge of your pool- it is a much needed functional and structural pool remodel feature. Installed to cover your pools concrete edges, coping also prevents water from entering the area behind the pools shell. With it’s many purposes, learn how and why you need to install pool coping on your next new construction or remodel pool project!

What Is Pool Coping?

Pool Coping is a specific material used to cap the edges of your pool. You can select from a wide array of pool coping materials and sizes including; pavers, natural stone and poured concrete coping. Bullnose coping and Remodel Coping are some of the most popular choices used during a Pool Deck Remodel project. Coping sizes range from 1” remodel coping, 2- 3/4” remodel coping, 4” remodel bullnose coping and more. Depending your particular design and material choice- your installer will choose the best pool coping to outfit yours exterior edging.

Travertine Remodel Pool Coping

Do You Need to Install Pool Coping?

The answer is: Yes. Pool Coping not only enhances the outermost edges of your remodel or new construction pool, but it is also a key feature in hiding your pools ugly concrete edges, bond beams and more. Installing the correct type of paver or stone coping around your pool deck - will help complete the pools finished look, while hiding any inner imperfections.

Click on the Pool Coping Images Below. Our Pool Coping Pictures showcase some of American Paving Designs Pool Deck Installations. See how installing coping around your pools exterior creates that sophisticated finished touch!