Why Do My Pavers Have Efflorescence On Them: Getting Rid Of Paver Residue after Installation

Noticing Efflorescence on your Pavers after Installation? We know this can be of concern. Let us explain to you what you can do and expect, when you have Efflorescence on your brick pavers.

EFLO on a Recently Installed Paver Driveway. Learn how to treat this and more!

EFLO on a Recently Installed Paver Driveway. Learn how to treat this and more!

What is Efflorescence

EFLO is the forming of Salt Deposits, on or near your brick pavers. This white substance, is a natural occurrence, in most concrete products - but we understand it is NOT the LOOK you want to see, after investing in Brick Pavers.

What Should I do if EFLO is on my Pavers?

Okay, so your Driveway and/or Patio area is now finally laid and you notice, EFLO on some of your pavers. We recommend that you wait, about 60 days before applying any EFLO specific cleaner to your pavers. Letting the pavers breathe and naturally release, during this time frame, may help the mineral deposits go away on their own. It’s important to realize, that EFLO can/may come back in the future. When you recognize EFLO on your recently installed product, contact your local manufacturer. Let the Professional’s guide you on the best way, to remove Efflorescence and prepare your pavers to be cleaned and sealed appropriately, in the future!


Investing in Brick Pavers is not cheap and we want you to be prepared for all aspects of a Brick Paver Installation project. Have questions? Contact American Paving Design - we will be happy to let you know all about EFLO and how you can prepare for a possible EFLO occurrence!

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