Why a Paver Driveway Should Be This Year’s Resolution


Are you still living with a cracked or concrete asphalt driveway?  Resolve to improve your home’s curb appeal this year!  Say goodbye to your damaged driveway, and replace it with a gorgeous paver driveway.

Paver Driveway Benefits

A paver driveway is the perfect New Year’s home improvement resolution because of its advantages over a concrete or asphalt driveway.

  • Durability - A paver driveway is stronger than a concrete or asphalt driveway because the different pieces of a paver driveway can move with pressure, ground changes, or varying temperatures. The flexibility of the paver units make cracks in your driveway less likely.
  • Maintenance - When your concrete or asphalt driveway cracks, you have to either patch it (which can be unsightly and obvious) or replace the whole driveway. If you get a crack in one of your pavers, you can simply remove the cracked paver and replace it.  In addition, sealing your paver driveway will make it stain resistant and easy to clean.
  • Versatility - Paver come in a variety of patterns, colors, and styles to complement your house’s appearance and to showcase your personal taste. Whether your like old world classic or sleek and modern, the perfect paver driveway look is waiting for you.
  • Curb Appeal - The first impression people have of your home is what they see when they pull up to your driveway, and a paver driveway will give your home some serious curb appeal. Look at the pictures of the paver driveways in this slideshow, and check out our Idea Gallery.  Need we say more?

It’s Time for a Transformation

There’s no better time to transform your driveway than now.  Not only can you start the year checking something off your list, but you will beat the spring rush for outdoor living projects!  Contact us to schedule a no-obligation, totally FREE consultation with American Paving Design today and receive a 3-D drawing of what your home will look like with your new paver driveway.  You will be amazed at how easy we make the process.  We design and build paver driveways in Charleston, Bluffton, Savannah, Hilton Head, and surrounding areas.