10 Best Outdoor Fire Pit Images: Fire Pit Pictures & Design Ideas

10 Best Outdoor Fire Pit Images: Fire Pit Pictures & Design Ideas

Images of Fire Pits- both Gas and Wood burning can help you find INSPIRATION for your next Hardscape project. Browse our latest Fire Pit, picture gallery! With different sizes and materials, we can help offer you the ability to not only learn more about fire pits - but what design would outfit your backyard patio, the best!

Paver Company| Patio Paver ideas | bluffton, sc

Paver Company|  Patio Paver ideas | bluffton, sc

Paver Image Galleries are the perfect way to spark your creative mind, when it comes to designing your new backyard oasis. Using, pavers allows for: versatility, beauty and sophistication. Check out this recent paver patio installation - and let our hardscape galleries allow you to develop and design the perfect Outdoor Living space for your family!

Can I Install a Gas Fire Pit on my Patio: Benefits of a Gas Burning Fire Pit

Can I Install a Gas Fire Pit on my Patio: Benefits of a Gas Burning Fire Pit

Gas Burning Fire Pits are as Simple as they are Pretty. With their low maintenance routines, easy on/off buttons, and chic design options - adding this type fire pit to your Outdoor Living space, is perfect for year around enjoyment! As a Hardscape Installer, many of our clients want to know, why we suggest Gas Burning fire pits - we’ve decided to let you all in on a little secret!

Need Ideas for your Paver Patio - Paver Patio Ideas for Fall Fun!

Need Ideas for your Paver Patio - Paver Patio Ideas for Fall Fun!

Not sure if pavers are a good choice for your new patio? Even though the summer heat is still in full effect, now is the time to start thinking about your backyard patio for fall cookouts and football game cookouts!

What are the keys to a paver pool deck design | Bluffton, SC

What are the keys to a paver pool deck design | Bluffton, SC

With spring quickly approaching, it's a great time to plan that perfect, luxurious poolscape. But... where do you start? We're here to let you in on some tips and tricks from our professional design team!

Why should you add pavers to your home. Upgrading Your Hardscape with Pavers

We are often asked why homeowners should think about adding pavers to their home and here's what we say:

Pavers offer:  Longevity. Durability. Aesthetics

With the ever growing strength and easy maintenance that pavers deliver, it is no wonder why people are choosing pavers over concrete. With a variety of styles, colors and sizes, pavers offer a look of beauty that concrete never can! Don't settle for boring concrete - call us and we can help you discover the creativity pavers can add to your home!

So, check out a few of our recent paver projects below or click here to for even more paver inspiration!


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Bluffton Winter Weather & Our Pavers

Paver Projects in the Snow!

We loved our LowCountry Winter Wonderland weather this past week. Take a look at one of our paver projects covered in snow! 

If you have a paver project picture from the past week please share by commenting below!

New Year, New Look. Enhancing your home with Brick Pavers


2016 is here! Time to gear up for an amazing New Year with a New Look. American Paving Design can help you re-design any space in your home, worthy of a Hardscape makeover. Why choose pavers? With so many materials flooding the market, we want to help you realize why Pavers are your all around best choice.

Brick Paver Versatility

With so many possibilities for you to choose from, nothing is more versatile than pavers. American Paving Design offers a wide variety of Natural Stone and Pavers to choose from. They range in a variety of:  colors, sizes and styles.   Pavers and Natural Stone, such as Travertine can be installed on Driveways, Pool Decks, Walkways and Outdoor Living areas- Making it simple to have pavers throughout your entire outdoor and indoor space.

The Strength and Toughness of Brick Pavers

Concrete Cracks. Pavers Don’t. One of the main reasons you should choose Pavers is their resistance to cracking, unlike concrete slabs. Brick Pavers are extremely durability and are made to withstand daily use and flexibility.  With a wide range of interlocking pavers and patterns, brick pavers are much more durable and easily replaced if needed. Making it a perfect fit for any Driveway or Pool Deck area.

The benefits of Brick Paving to your home’s value

Brick pavers are smooth on design style and application. With different textures, sizes and laid patterns, Pavers create a visually rich and natural looking presence. Generally, concrete is laid as one flat color, adding little value or enhancement to your hardscape area.  With tons of shades and colors to choose from, Pavers are the way to go when wanting to add color and sophistication to your home.  Just ask our Design experts about how Brick Pavers can automatically enhance the value of your home!

This year is the year to do something different. American Paving Design wants to help you enhance and create the outdoor space you have always wanted. We can start creating your New Look, in just weeks!

Contact us at: or Visit our Facebook page, for updates and Transformation photographs of Hardscape projects all over the Low Country.

Fireplace and Firepit: Which Is Right for You?

In this video, Tim Niemiec explores outdoor fireplaces and outdoor firepits.  He discusses how each option is built and the pros and cons of that selection. Outdoor Fireplaces

If you're looking for that true fireplace look, you can't go wrong with the real thing.  The first example is a pre-built unit.  We assembled it on site and covered it with a veneer stone.  This particular unit can either be wood burning or gas burning.  It is flexible and can be covered with stone, stucco, or tile.

Outdoor Firepits

The block and mortar built fire pit is our most popular fire pit.  The example unit is made from concrete block.  Then, we covered the inside with fire brick and installed stone and/or stucco on the exterior.  This option is great because it offers the homeowner flexibility in size, shape, and color.

Paver Firepits

These units are made by a manufacturer and then installed in the desired shape and size on site.  The advantage of using these units is the range choices in color, style, and texture.  Also, it's the best option if you want the units to match the pavers on your patio surface.

Tim's Tips:

1.  Check what kind of clearance you have at your home.  See what hangs over the area you would like to build your fire pit or fireplace.

2.  Do you want a gas or wood burning unit?  Or both?

3.  Put a budget together for the project.  If you have a dollar amount in mind, this will help determine which product you can afford.

4.  Ask for professional help.  Get advice from someone (like Tim) who does this every day.  Also, you can go online to look for ideas you like.  Browse our Idea Gallery to see projects we have completed for customers.

Travertine Patio and Outdoor Living Area Hilton Head, SC


Watch this video of how American Paving Design transformed a Hilton Head, SC, backyard. The home previously had a wood deck. We replaced the deck with a travertine patio, added multiple areas, and installed an outdoor fireplace. Now, this simple outdoor living area is an outdoor mansion with separate "rooms." This kind of layout is perfect for hosting an outdoor party because the different areas gives people places to mingle and congregate in different groups. Plus, the outdoor fireplace extends the season so that the outdoor space can be used year-round. Travertine is an increasingly popular material for patios because of the natural look of the stones. Also, travertine requires little maintenance and is material. It can withstand weathering and erosion without deteriorating. In fact, its appearance actually improves with age. Plus, its colors will not fade over time. The Collosseum in Rome was built out of travertine in 80 AD, and it still stands today!

If you are interested in having a travertine patio installed in your home, contact us for a TOTALLY FREE, NO HASSLE estimate. We'll even make a 3-D design of your patio for no charge. American Paving Design is the Lowcountry's expert on travertine pavers. Give us a chance to prove this to you today.