10 Best Outdoor Fire Pit Images: Fire Pit Pictures & Design Ideas

10 Best Outdoor Fire Pit Images: Fire Pit Pictures & Design Ideas

Images of Fire Pits- both Gas and Wood burning can help you find INSPIRATION for your next Hardscape project. Browse our latest Fire Pit, picture gallery! With different sizes and materials, we can help offer you the ability to not only learn more about fire pits - but what design would outfit your backyard patio, the best!

Seating Walls Pictures Custom Outdoor Kitchen Paver Project

Seating Walls Pictures Custom Outdoor Kitchen Paver Project

Are you in need of a Outdoor Living Space, for this years Football Season? Even if you are not a Auburn fan, we know you will still appreciate this gorgeous outdoor living space complete with a paver patio, seating wall and outdoor kitchen!

How to Prepare For a Hardscape Installation Project: Creating an Outdoor Living Space

How to Prepare For a Hardscape Installation Project: Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Creating that perfect Hardscape Design for your backyard can be tricky! But, with these 3 tips, we can help make your process easier. Check out this Bluffton, SC Hardscape design. This installation used Tremron’s, Sierra color paver, in a 3pc style. With matching retaining wall and cap, it’s a PRISTINE addition to any home.

How to Customize your Ideal Outdoor Kitchen: Top 3 Design Tips

Need some design help for your new outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor Kitchen designs have become increasingly popular over the past five years. With ideal accessories like “ The Big Green Egg, “ and built In grills with storage, most homeowners are now choosing to install outdoor kitchens on their paver patios. With so much inspiration to choose from, we thought we’d highlight our top 3 choices for design concepts for your outdoor kitchen!

Tip #1: Countertops: How to pick your Outdoor Kitchen Countertops


Countertops aren’t the most exciting thing to research, but they can definitely make a statement for your outdoor kitchen. Whether you like traditional granite or want a more contemporary concrete look, choosing the right countertop for your backyard design is key to your outdoor kitchen’s appeal. Granite is by far the most popular look we install on paver projects. This client, chose a dark granite, to accent their reddish toned pavers. It totally worked! Check out more granite images , here!

Tip #2: Customize your Built-in Storage Options

Outdoor storage is a huge part of our designs when it comes to Outdoor Kitchen installations. From trash bins, to fully functional drawers and coolers, you can customize your options in a multitude of ways. This uniquely designed Outdoor Kitchen client below, chooses to add custom drawers to their kitchen, making it fully capable to hide all the silverware, napkins and plates!


Tip 3: Choosing the right size for your Outdoor Kitchen

Go big, or go small, that is the question! Your outdoor kitchen design can be any shape or size. You can chose to install an area rectangle in shape or an L-shape like our featured client. No matter the design your outdoor kitchen can be fully functional!

This is what an L-shaped outdoor kitchen can look like!

This is what an L-shaped outdoor kitchen can look like!

Need some inspiration? Take a look at these designs!

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What are the keys to a paver pool deck design | Bluffton, SC

What are the keys to a paver pool deck design | Bluffton, SC

With spring quickly approaching, it's a great time to plan that perfect, luxurious poolscape. But... where do you start? We're here to let you in on some tips and tricks from our professional design team!

Why should you add pavers to your home. Upgrading Your Hardscape with Pavers

We are often asked why homeowners should think about adding pavers to their home and here's what we say:

Pavers offer:  Longevity. Durability. Aesthetics

With the ever growing strength and easy maintenance that pavers deliver, it is no wonder why people are choosing pavers over concrete. With a variety of styles, colors and sizes, pavers offer a look of beauty that concrete never can! Don't settle for boring concrete - call us and we can help you discover the creativity pavers can add to your home!

So, check out a few of our recent paver projects below or click here to for even more paver inspiration!


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Backyard Paver Patio Remodel Pictures: Hardscape Design


The slideshow below shows a backyard remodel that American Paving Design did for a homeowner in Wexford, SC.  The first two pictures show what the area looked like before we started clearing the land.  Then, the 3D drawings show how we helped the homeowners plan the work.  After each 3D drawing, a photo displays the final result.  As you can see, we completely transformed this backyard into an inviting space that will be perfect for entertaining family and friends.  

When American Paving Design does a backyard remodel, we do more than simply design and build a paver patio.  This renovation includes an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, specialty lighting, and a retaining wall.  When you hire American Paving Design to transform your backyard space, you benefit from our experience helping more than three thousand Lowcountry homeowners with paver projects.

All the pavers used in this project are Sierra colored pavers from Tremron.  The larger pavers are made in Tremron’s Olde Towne style, which is perfect for small patios. Combined with Stonegate cap and Stonegate 6” tumbled wall blocks, the pavers achieve an old European feel.  For accents and edging, we used a 2 3/8 brick in Sierra.

Like what you see?  Call us now to set up an appointment to learn more about what we can do with your outdoor living space.  Or check out our Idea Gallery for more inspiration!  We look forward to helping you transform your backyard into the space of your dreams.

New Year, New Look. Enhancing your home with Brick Pavers


2016 is here! Time to gear up for an amazing New Year with a New Look. American Paving Design can help you re-design any space in your home, worthy of a Hardscape makeover. Why choose pavers? With so many materials flooding the market, we want to help you realize why Pavers are your all around best choice.

Brick Paver Versatility

With so many possibilities for you to choose from, nothing is more versatile than pavers. American Paving Design offers a wide variety of Natural Stone and Pavers to choose from. They range in a variety of:  colors, sizes and styles.   Pavers and Natural Stone, such as Travertine can be installed on Driveways, Pool Decks, Walkways and Outdoor Living areas- Making it simple to have pavers throughout your entire outdoor and indoor space.

The Strength and Toughness of Brick Pavers

Concrete Cracks. Pavers Don’t. One of the main reasons you should choose Pavers is their resistance to cracking, unlike concrete slabs. Brick Pavers are extremely durability and are made to withstand daily use and flexibility.  With a wide range of interlocking pavers and patterns, brick pavers are much more durable and easily replaced if needed. Making it a perfect fit for any Driveway or Pool Deck area.

The benefits of Brick Paving to your home’s value

Brick pavers are smooth on design style and application. With different textures, sizes and laid patterns, Pavers create a visually rich and natural looking presence. Generally, concrete is laid as one flat color, adding little value or enhancement to your hardscape area.  With tons of shades and colors to choose from, Pavers are the way to go when wanting to add color and sophistication to your home.  Just ask our Design experts about how Brick Pavers can automatically enhance the value of your home!

This year is the year to do something different. American Paving Design wants to help you enhance and create the outdoor space you have always wanted. We can start creating your New Look, in just weeks!

Contact us at: or Visit our Facebook page, for updates and Transformation photographs of Hardscape projects all over the Low Country.