Installing A Paver Patio

Planning Your New Outdoor Patio

Before beginning your project, consider what you would like to do in your yard. Do you want: 

  • A peaceful niche to read a good book?

  • An intimate retreat for two?

  • A place to serve occasional outdoor dinners to your immediate family?

  • A place to host large outdoor parties?

  • Or, do you want to be able to do all of these things… and even more?

With the endless possibilities available for outdoor living on the market today, you are only limited by your imagination and your budget! Knowing how you will use your patio will keep you from being overwhelmed by all of the choices.

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Designing A brick Paver Patio

Deciding to install a new, custom paver patio can seem a little overwhelming. Choosing a professional and experienced Hardscape contractor, like American Paving Design is vital in making sure your patio is installed correctly, on-time and in budget.

selecting the best paver patio materials

Choosing the best materials for your patio might be the hardest part of your project. If you have ever tried to pick a paint color for a room, you have an idea about how challenging choosing materials can be. Pavers come in a variety of materials, patterns, and colors, so sometimes it’s hard to visualize exactly how your finished project might look! With American Paving Design, we can use a 3D drawing to help you choose the paver and color that will best enhance your backyard.