Overlaying Your Pool Deck With Pavers

The number one question asked by many of our homeowners when remodeling their pool is:

Do we need to remove the entire pool deck or can we just remodel the pool deck?

Is your current pool deck surface in good shape? If so, you may not need to excavate the entire existing deck. Thus, allowing American Paving Design to, OVERLAY your existing pool deck.

Thin pavers are ideal for all type of non-vehicular application which remodels existing slab concrete. Thin pavers are well thought-out as a tile because of their shape and thickness. Characteristically, its thickness range from 3/4"  to 1 1/4".

Paver Pool Deck Before & AFter Video

Before & After Client Testimonial Using A 4x8 Traditional Brick Paver - Take A Look & Listen!

Remodeling Your Pool Deck

Want to make your pool deck look new again? Our team at American Paving Design can help make that happen! Deciding to upgrade your pool deck surface is the perfect way to add value to your home, expand your outdoor living space and give your pool the face lift it always wanted!

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With the help of thin pavers, travertine pavers , remodel coping and more, choosing to upgrade your pool deck has never been easier!

Here are some of things we do at American Paving Design to help our clients achieve the pool space they’ve always envisioned:

  1. Upon arrival, we will check the condition of the current pool deck surface. Our team will decide if the pool deck can be remodeled using a 1” remodel paver or if the existing surface will have to be excavated in it’s entirety.

  2. Secondly, we check the integrity of the current pool coping, or concrete cantilever that is installed around your pool. We are looking for the thickness of the coping, the condition of the coping and the current material.

  3. Thirdly, our design team will create a rendering based on the factors, in hopes to enhance and expand your homes backyard appeal! By using our 3D rendering software, we help our clients visualize the final image - before our crews even arrive!