Tips for homeowners remodeling Your Pool Deck

What is remodel Pool Deck Coping

Remodel pool deck coping is an essential part of the pool deck renovation process. This process if very difficult and should be handled by a professional team.

What exactly is coping? Coping simply means that you are putting a rounded cap on the corners of your pool deck. The most popular type of coping that you would use is called bullnose. Bullnose coping gives your pool a nice rounded edge and comes in a multitude of colors.

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This Pool Deck Remodel on Hilton Head Island, SC was just completed in time for Spring. Using Tremron's 1" remodel paver, in Sand Dune, this Pool Deck Overlay is much more appealing than concrete. Take a look at the before and after photos!


Depending on the material you choose and your project location, remodeling your pool deck with pavers can range from; $ 15-20 a sq ft. If you choose to go with a more expensive stone like travertine or oyster shell, your cost would increase by approx $ 2-3 a sq ft.

Backyard Paver Pool Deck & Patio Transformation Using Pavers

 Remodel coping installation

The first step is to determine if the remodel coping is going to sit in front of the pool tile or will the old coping be cut back to allow the coping to sit directly on the tile. The cleanest look is to cut back current pool coping 2”-3” and install it directly on top of the tile. This process take highly skilled installers. If this process is done incorrectly many lower pool tiles can be damaged. Once the pool coping is cut back. The installers will place a thin set bed on top of the pool deck of coping. The coping weight rests on the pool deck, not on the tile. The installer places all the coping on the pool, checking for level between each and every piece. If the pool is curved the installers will likely wedge each piece to make a uniform curve. A ¼ to ⅜” space will be left between each coping for grout to be applied later. After 24 to 48 hours the coping will be grouted with sanded grout. There are many different colors of grout. You can determine if you would like you grout to closely match the color of the coping or if you would like it to accent coping going a completely different contrasting color.