Choosing a paver pattern For Your Driveway

Tips For Choosing a paver pattern for your driveway

Choosing to install interlocking brick pavers gives you the opportunity for pattern versatility. Unlike poured concrete, pavers can be laid in different patterns making your driveway installation unique and customized!

Featured below are some of our most commonly chosen paver patterns


Herringbone pattern

The most common 4x8 paver pattern. This can be laid in a 45-degree or 90-degree angle. Perfect for high traffic areas!


Random Pattern

Random pattern has a more relaxed, modern feel. Commonly used with a 3pc or 4pc brick paver selection.


Running Bond

One of the simplest patterns to lay. The pavers are laid in rows, running in the same direction, end to end. Simple & Classic!



Used primarily with 2pc pavers, this pattern creates an alternating T or L depending on your view!