Paver Driveway Materials

selecting the perfect brick PAVER IS THE first STEP towards creating a driveway worth coming home to


Looking for something that is traditional in style and affordable in price - consider concrete brick pavers. Interlocking brick pavers, are extremely durable, affordable and more attractive than concrete. Many manufacturers offer these pavers in 2pc, 3pc or 4pc options. The versatility allows homeowners to customize their driveway design and patterns. Since pavers are manufactured as individual units, they require very little upkeep and are simple to repair.

Permeable Pavers : Eco-Friendly Pavers

Permeable pavers are eco-friendly, durable and appealing. These clean, modular brick pavers are designed specifically to re-direct storm water run-off. This unique system is intended to eliminate standing water - which reduces driveway puddling, and lessens the straing on nearby storm drains. Permeable pavers are offered in various sizes and colors - making them adaptable to any home!

Architectural ( Textured ) Pavers

Want to create a statement with your driveway? Installing textured brick pavers would be the ideal choice. Textured pavers offer our clients a more decorative and creative alternative. Architectural pavers offer the same amount of stability, durability and versatility that standard, concrete brick pavers do. The inventiveness, texture and multitude of size options, makes these interlocking brick pavers perfect for any size driveway!

Traditional 4x8 Brick Pavers

Traditional 4x8 brick pavers are not only one of the most widely known installed pavers, they are very aesthetically pleasing. This classic paver can be installed in many different patterns making it one of the most commonly installed driveway bricks to choose from. Selecting this paver for your homes exterior renovation will enhance curb appeal and give you long-lasting stability!