Cleaning & Sealing Your Pool Deck

Newly Sealed: Ivory Travertine Paver Pool Deck

What sealer should i use for my pool deck pavers?

It is important to choose a sealer that best fits the material that you used to pave your pool deck. There are different sealers for both natural stone and brick pavers.

Depending your preference you can choose a sealer that creates a more glossy look, or one that makes your pool deck look more natural.

benefits of cleaning & sealing your pavers

In order to keep pavers or travertine looking as fresh as the day they were installed, we recommend to our clients that they apply sealer 30-45 days after installation. We understand that protecting your investment is important, and sealer can help you achieve just that! The sealer application has many benefits including;

  1. Reducing Mold & Mildew Growth

  2. Reducing Color Fading & Deterioration

  3. Reduction In Stains Caused By Water & Surface Spills

  4. Helps To Reduce The Formation Of EFLO

3pc Random Tremron, Sierra Pool Deck Installation