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Outdoor Kitchen Accessories: Choosing The Best outdoor kitchen & Grilling appliances is all about convenience, functionality and design.

Outdoor Kitchen Smokers: Ceramic Grills

Calling all grill masters! An outdoor kitchen is not complete unless it contains one of these popular built-in smoker options. Smokers are perfect for small spaces and will fit right into your counter-top space. Looking for that authentic barbeque flavor, charcoal and wood smokers would be the ideal purchase. Different than grills, smokers require less tending too and are offered in gas and charcoal options.

This Primo Oval ceramic smoker is one of our most commonly installed smokers. It’s compact design and unique shape makes it easy to install! American Paving Design is a proud installer of Primo Ceramic Grills.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets & Storage

Designing an outdoor kitchen is all about convenience. When selecting the best accessories for your new grill station - consider adding built-in drawers and cabinets.

When selecting your storage options for your outdoor kitchen, weather resistance is key. You want to find a great looking but functional outdoor kitchen drawer/door combo that will last as long as your counter tops! The best options include stainless steel, marine-­grade polymer, and teak. These materials are durable and look great.

Built-In Grills For Outdoor Kitchens

Interested in a more traditional grilling station? Consider installing a built-in grill. These quick cooking and easy to use options are sleek & modern. Offered in a variety of sizes, these traditional AOG built-in grills are always on the top of our list! American Paving Design is a proud installer of AOG and Fire Magic grills.

Side Burner Options For Outdoor Kitchens

Let your grilling station do it all! Side burner options allow you to boil water, cook vegetables and even deep fry a turkey! No matter the size of your counter tops, we can help you install a side burner for your cooking needs! Make your outdoor kitchen fabulous with one of these great options below!