Benefits of a Gas fire pit vs. wood burning Fire pits

Gas built fire pits and fireplaces are ideal for creating quick lighting, clean burning and exceptional ambiance!

Benefits of Gas Burning Fire pits

  1. Gas fire pits or fireplaces are faster to light! This is ideal for those chilly nights!

  2. Most gas run fire pits, use propane or natural gas which is clean burning - so your helping the environment and enjoying the ambiance!

  3. Sensitive to smoke? Gas burning fire pits or fireplaces are great for those with allergies and sensitivities.

  4. Don’t worry about cutting those wooden logs! Gas burning fire pits are less messy and easier to upkeep.

Love the smell and sound of crackling wood? Then installing a wood burning fire pit or fireplace is perfect for your home!

Benefits of Wood Burning Fire Pits

  1. Worried about the availability of propane? Wood burning fire pits are cheaper to maintain, especially if your located in a rural area

  2. No gas line, no problem! With the quick building of wood burning fire pits, there is no need to worry about the hassle of installing gas lines.

  3. Love the smell of burning wood, we understand! Wood burning fire pits or fireplaces create a relaxing ambiance perfect for roasting s’mores.

  4. Wood burning fire pits tend to be a tad more affordable than those fueled by gas. So if your looking for a budget friendly hardscape addition- wood burning would be the best option.