Sitting Walls and Benches

Seating walls add extra entertainment space, creativity, and, of course, seating to any outdoor paver patio space! When adding your paver patio to your backyard, consider the efficiency, contemporary, and clean look of seating walls.

There are two types of seating walls that can be used to style your area.


Regular bench seating wall: This is a wall that usually occupies a fire pit area or surrounds the border of a patio space. It is made of vertical brick paver stones, stacked 2-3 feet high and topped with cap. Making this area smooth and comfortable for people to sit on and adding an amazing border area to your paver patio.

Seating wall with backing: This type of brick paver seating wall is new and very popular with our clients.  When constructing this multiple-level paver wall, you create seating that is not only comfortable, but creates depth and style to any patio area.  This seating area can be made from material that is similar or creates a contrast to your paver area. It’s up to you!