REmodel Pavers


We have a variety of Remodel Pavers, including 4 x 8 Brick, Mega Olde Towne, Olde Towne, Park Plaza, and Stonehurst.

4x8 Brick Pavers offer durable quality that stand the test of time. The tried and true shape of our brick pavers combines simplicity with sophistication and versatility. Olde Towne is the classic choice for hardscape projects where the smaller format of classic European elegance is more appealing. Our classic European look on a larger scale, Mega Olde Towne pavers are the perfect choice for large projects or when your design demands a dramatic paving style. The muted sophistication and dimensions of Stonehurst compliments a diverse range of hardscape installations, regardless of size and complexity.

Download our Remodel PDF to see the full info for each.


More colors are available in the full product line. Download the Product PDF to learn more.

Projects Using REmodel Pavers: 

Remodel Specs: